Circling Back Around

Tried the painted circles technique again with Neocolor II crayons in a little journal I made a few months back from a sheet of Arches 140# cold-pressed watercolor paper. Added a bit of black acrylic paint, and then after it dried overnight, went back in with some Polychromos colored pencil here and there. Really enjoyed it!

020416 2

This makes me think of eyes, which I’ve become particularly attracted to since starting my 100 Faces Challenge this year. People who enjoy this technique have made pages and pages of them…..and I start to see why! I could’ve gone on and on. I’ve got some more ideas to try with this technique, too.   Stay tuned for more wacky wildness!   And thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun.  What a great way to multiply the arty goodness!

Happy Almost Friday, world! Peace and happy, beautiful colors to you!

55 thoughts on “Circling Back Around

      1. Love all kind of greens, it´s my favorite colour at the moment and I don´t even know why because actually my favorite colour has always been red… Even my purse is green. And my new bag. And the scarf I knitted for this winter. 💚😊 Glad you remind me of DABD! A peacock with these “eyes” would be really nice!

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  1. love these Laura! and what a delicate fine balance you have achieved between the white of paper and the wee amount of black acrylic!! mastering ‘Judiciousness’ I see 🙂
    great restraint in color application, it was Perfect and now compells the eye IN!
    Great Job and love that “eye- mage- nation” cheers, Debi

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    1. Debi, you are the best ever for my ego, lady! Your comments make me feel like a million bucks with sun shining all over it! 😀 Although honestly I do love this and the painting I cut up in pinks oranges and yellows……I’m thinking about doing a whole page of these circles on mixed media paper and cutting them up! Looking forward to lots more circle fun, Debi! Oh these colors were just lighting me up that night. Love those Neocolors! I love art supplies, but I could marry those. 🙂

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        1. Isn’t it so funny how a little Youtube video can lead to me painting endless random circles and … who knows what else? And once Kerfe showed us her cut up painting that she turned into a masterpiece…..yeah, the beat just goes on and on. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. The real challenge is making myself do my “day job” lol! Thanks again, Miss Sunshine!

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          1. You are so Welcome Laura!! Its magical the energy of your work lately!
            I should look at you tube and gif … i guess. believe it or not, I’m sure you will… I’m not really a ‘techy’ person. More a ‘dinosaur’ lol (the good ol’ days, you know!) hahaha

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            1. Hey, me neither! I have a 24 year-old who graduated with a web/graphic design degree in ’14, so she keeps me in the loop, somewhat. Digital art for example. I have no interest. I know it’s the thing now but it feels wrong for some reason, even though I see beautiful results all the time. Just doesn’t feel like something I’ll ever get close to. But then I wonder if I’ll be forced to. Much like in my day job – everything is becoming app-based. I totally feel like a dinosaur, both in this world and that one. I can totally relate. But if you’re interested, here is the youtube I saw that got me started on these circles!

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