Inspired by Debi

So many artists (including artists with lenses and letters and others) inspire me here. Debi Riley is a gracious, informative, generous and gifted artist of many talents; one of them is photography.

I was recently moved by a black and white photograph of a flower she posted on her blog.   I tried it in pencil first…….then moved to Polychromos colored pencil….

0207 2

Once I started sketching it…..I didn’t want to stop!    Of course, cobalt teal (or something close) was a must, as I wanted Debi to smile when she saw my painting.  πŸ™‚  As Debi’s post explains, this is a wonderful exercise in looking and really seeing the flower.   Although I wasn’t aiming for precision, I do find it interesting how much my ability to really see increases with the number of drawings (of any type) that I do, and in particular, with the number of times I work with a particular subject.    I could sketch this flower ten more times, and each time, I would see something I didn’t see before.

0207 3

This final one was sketched in Polychromos colored pencil, then surrounded by three shades of luscious Neocolor II water-soluble pastels.   IMO, this is a must-have art supply.   If you buy a set from Blick, you can return it for up to a year – no questions asked.   Who offers this?!   Right.  That’s why I love Blick!    It’s well worth at least trying them out.    They are so vibrant, creamy and buttery.   I could have blended them more and you’d have never known they were anything but paint, but I kind of like this image as it is.   It was just me playing and having fun.

Please do check out Debi’s blog, as I promise you will learn something new every time you visit.   Plus, she will inspire you out of your socks!   Always!   I hope everyone is getting ready for Draw A Bird Day tomorrow, this time over at Kerfe & Nina’s place (Method Two Madness).   I better get flapping on that myself!   Peace (and pigskins) to all!

52 thoughts on “Inspired by Debi

  1. what a beautiful drawing and painting Laura! I think back to your flowers of a year ago and how you struggled and how beautiful and uniquely you this is. Beautiful background radiating from the sketched flower. Simply beautiful! So lovely how amazing artists like Debi inspire us.

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  2. I really like your sketch of the flower. It is so alive with your pencil strokes. I have a really large tin of NeoColors II which I do not use. I used to use them to establish an initial layer of color before adding colored pencil. Hopefully one day I will get back to them!

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    1. Thanks so much, Carmel. Omg. Please try them again. They would make quick work of a coat or pair of jeans! And you could blend them out so nicely. Very vibrant, rich color would be nice on your artwork. I hope you get them out again. I’d love to have the complete set. I have more than half but I need to get more. If I could buy a big tin, I would do it! They are worth it!

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  3. What a beautiful flower! I too could draw and paint the same subject matter over and over and see something new and unique each time. I love the vibrant yellow against the soft blue. You really have me curious about the soluble pastels.

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    1. Oh, Cathe, please try them. I can’t even imagine what they’d do for you, because your work is already so great. If something needs a punch, some vibrancy, or some texture….so many things. Those neos are really wonderful. They aren’t cheap but they are available open stock. I think the smallest tin is a six. Really, if there was a fire at my house, they’re the first thing I’d save (aside from people or animals inside). I’m really glad you like this. Always appreciate your encouragement and visits. πŸ’›


  4. Wow beautiful flower and lovely color😍! Laura, I really appreciate your vision about learning things πŸ‘πŸΌ also Debi’s work is incredible, so much to learn 😊

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  5. gorgeous eye popping Happy Flower Laura! smiling indeed!
    loving the warmth of the yellow and the coolness of the complementary teal, that You Chose.
    your pencil sketch also was a knockout – the line work fresh, loose, and purposeful! Masterful lines on that. smiling again. πŸ™‚ there were a few amens upon reading your post, as you explained how your skills improve with doing more of the Same Subject etc. πŸ™‚
    I’m so happy to have inspired you a bit on your journey Laura!! Thank you for the links and ‘shout out’ which is very sweet. Smiling Again!

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! The blue is Polychromos colored pencil but the yellow is what I used in the peacock, which is a water soluble crayon. Doesn’t sound too appealing but they are a joy to work with. Love the Polys too! There was some confusion about this so I wanted to be sure you knew which was which in the painting.

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