Rock You Like A Hurricane

Sometimes, you just have to have color, whether it makes sense or not! These are a variation on the painted circles from last week with, you guessed it, Neocolors by Caran d’Ache with help from a black Pitt pen (centers) and a black Posca paint pen (black lines on top).  (I don’t recommend writing over Neocolors or anything waxy/oily with a Pitt pen; it clogs the nib, and poof goes the pen.)


I can’t decide whether they are little hurricanes, fishes, eyes……but they are somewhere sunny and warm and they’re bright and colorful, and that’s all that counts! I hope they wake you up with a smile this morning! Just one more day before the Valentine’s weekend dance! Peace.

58 thoughts on “Rock You Like A Hurricane

    1. Thanks so much, Charlie! I’m so glad you think so! I’ve been inspired too by what Cynthia is doing and playing with patterns is fun at the end of a day of concentration. Sometimes realism is great and just what I need, and sometimes I need a color break. It’s always nice that art can give me whatever it is I am looking for when the work day is over. So glad you enjoyed this!

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  1. Hi Laura! I read your comment on John’s blog and immediately thought I would stop by to meet you! How wonderful that you showed up on my administration page about the same time I was going to stop by here!!! I love your byline, I love your art…I love your energy!!! I am going to roam around a little 🙂

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  2. Lovely colours and intriguing shapes! I see eyes, but I also see those colourful kids’ pinwheels, perhaps caught up in a hurricane and going a tad berserk! There’s a great sense of motion to them.

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    1. Thanks, Brianna! I think those neocolors make anyone who uses them look good. They are so easy and so vibrant and I feel like a kid with a crayon every time I use them. They’re just wonderful! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my color play. I enjoy your work too! It’s always fresh and interesting. It’s nice when we can inspire each other.

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