Light Up the Sky

When time is short at the end of the day, I grab the Neocolors and any paintbrush that’s hanging around and go.


If you love color, but don’t consider yourself an artist, you can’t go wrong with a set of these. It’s like being a kid with a set of crayons. Draw, swipe with a wet brush, and voila. Very fun and vibrant and you only need a few minutes to make something pretty.   You owe it to yourself to see what creating art can bring to your life!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend, whatever the weather. Time to dance! Peace and love to you and those you love this weekend. ❤

35 thoughts on “Light Up the Sky

  1. All right, your demonstrations have convinced me. 😀 I am getting those because of the richness of the hue. I think they could work well for my children’s lit illustrations. 🙂 Thanks, Laura! And that is a gorgeous sky scene!

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  2. Laura, such gorgeous Dancing Colors! they seem to bounce and shake, dance and move with abandon!
    yes, good saying too – and, if you can’t Dance, well shake it; can’t shake, Nod vigorously! can’t do that, well SMILE!! LOL

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