Flowers in February (inspired by Cathe)

I saw Cathe’s Valentine’s Day post over at Amaryllis Log recently and just had to try to capture the essence of her beautiful flowers in my art journal.

021616 1

Lately, I’ve been fascinated with Neocolor II water-soluble crayons.   I realized I’ve not done much realistic work with them, and thought I’d try to remedy that.   This ^^ is just the initial sketch on the page, before brushing with any water.   The nice thing about sketching with a water-soluble medium is that the drawing will be melting into the painting.

021616 2

Amazing what the water does to the initial sketch!   After liquefying the initial color, I did go back and add just a bit more to darken my dark values.     I was pleased with the end result.  I just can’t resist this medium!    The ease, control, buttery softness, and vibrancy of color all make them a real pleasure to work with.    I think what I love most is that they help me to quickly capture my feelings as I look at my subject.   I can easily lift out color after liquefying if I’ve gone a bit too heavy with the initial sketch, and in no time at all, I’m finished!   And at the end of a long day…..that’s often exactly what I’m looking for.   Thanks again, Cathe, for sharing your lovely photo!

Happy Tuesday, and I hope you have time to exercise your art muscles today!   Peace.

53 thoughts on “Flowers in February (inspired by Cathe)

  1. I thought I recognized those beautiful flowers. 👍. Awesome job! You created such a beautiful effect with those neos you love. Heck anything that can be described as “buttery” must be wonderful! Heading into the office today. Hoping the roads aren’t too icy! Stay buttery my friend 😉

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  2. Love what you did with the flowers Laura. I’m so intrigued with your pastels and the way they melt onto the surface of your paper. I think this technique really captures the soft petals of the Ranunculus. Your painting makes me feel like spring is right around the corner – now that’s some magic!

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    1. Cathe, I’m so glad you like them, I was wondering what you’d think. I’m glad to know the name of the flower as well, as neither my husband nor I recognized it. Truly a beautiful one and a terrific photo you took as well. The Neos are a medium I’m drawn to again and again as a “no fuss, no muss” way to get my feelings down on paper. Thanks again for a lovely image to inspire me. 💙


  3. Flowers on an icy morning! Just what I needed.
    I’m coveting that 80 color Neo set…although I’m still finding out what my 30 color set can do. I just discovered lifting the color. It’s a great medium, you’re right. (K)

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    1. Thanks, Kerfe. Great minds……I found myself making a list of all the Neocolors currently in production and going over my inventory to see which I’m missing. I have the set of 40, bought it as a gift to myself when Penny was so ill. I had no idea I’d fall in love with them so totally. So in the fall I went back to Blick to buy some open stock and found that they were discontinuing many of the colors. They were on clearance and I grabbed the colors that looked good, and a few others besides because as you buy in quantity from open stock, the price goes down. I believe these used to be available in a set of 120, or something close. I didn’t realize they were being discontinued not just by Blick, but apparently by the manufacturer as well. I just wish I had a tin that could display them in a color range. I’ve stacked together a few Rubbermaid containers as the next best option but will definitely be picking up a few more from open stock with my next order. As you say, they really are something and a very little goes a long way. We do need more flowers on mornings like this! 💚

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      1. Lol, I had no idea I would fall in love with them too, it started when I was looking for a white to use when I had lost my whites in watercolour, tried it, loved it, and the next thing I was buying ten a week, until my collection was complete. Mine are stood in a container, so I can see each colour, I have them in colour theme, and also created a colour chart. I stared it mainly so when I went to the art shop I knew which colours I needed to buy. Do you have the metallics? I am not as impressed with them, due to being a little too brittle……not as buttery( great description)

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  4. I am impressed. Since I enjoy using my water color pencil crayons I have been wondering about water color crayons. After seeing all your posts using Neocolor crayons I am going to have to hunt some down! Lovely flowers Laura! 🙂

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    1. You can’t go wrong with them, Nexi. Gorgeous skies, much easier than with watercolor. Everything is easier with them, as long as you’re not going for ultra-precision. (Well, maybe if you’re really good with them, anything can happen I guess.)


      1. PS – I’ve tracked down a local supplier in Broad Street, in the centre of Oxford – good excuse for a trip; tho’ I may end up buying water soluble oils as well….

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        1. Oh, so many things, Teresa. So many things. Tombow markers would be great for your illustrations, although I bet you already have them. Bright palette is my fave set. (Well, my only set, the other sets I tried, I returned lol) Really fun for doodles too and then it’s also water-soluble…..Sharon does amazing stuff with them. Hmm let’s see…..water-soluble graphite? General’s is a good one. I could come up with more if you want lol! 😀 I really wish I worked for Blick. I’ve thought of becoming an affiliate…..seriously, if I could work for them, I would do it. Although I would be bankrupt because my paycheck would go right back in their till lol!

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            1. lol well, affiliates basically have a Blick link on their site and then Blick gives them a cut for every purchase that comes from their site. Honestly, if I didn’t love the company soooo much, I wouldn’t even consider it, but I do love them and I would happily work for them. There just aren’t any around here. No other company does what they do. They are wonderful. And you can’t beat their prices! yeah….I don’t wanna really have “commercials” here, but I’m sending people to Blick all the time (because their prices are the best, I shop around when I buy stuff)……idk. But I’ve been thinking….if I did, I could really do supply demonstrations because it could support itself. It would be fun too, and would help everyone who read them. win win!

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  5. When I first started reading your blog, you mentioned something like flower drawing was not your best. That is certainly not true anymore! I love these flowers and want to try them with my Derwent Inktense pencils. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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    1. Carol, thank you! I spent the summer working on flowers. I was determined to improve them. I do think some improvement was made, but boy are they challenging! You could spend a career on flowers alone! So many subjects in nature worth trying, as they say, to “suggest”. Because the Master Artist just can’t be duplicated! Thanks for your encouragement, and I really hope you try them with your Inktense! They would be beautiful! (I wanna seeee) hehe 🙂


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