Hey, You! Wanna Moo? (#49): 100 Face Challenge

Donna at Bay Photos by Donna recently shared some amazing photos she took in Florida while on vacation.   Normally, she focuses on birds…..but lately she’s thrown in alligators, and cows!


This is another image that keeps drawing me back for more abstract paintings with those Neocolors by Caran d’Ache.   It’s hard to describe how hooked I am on these things.   I used to love coloring with crayons as a little kid.    This is like that, but a million times better, because they’re water soluble!   Imagine vibrant, buttery smooth color with no fuss, no mess, and yes, lots of fun!

I hope you have a Super Happy Tuesday today and that you find time to play, in whatever way brings you the most joy.   Peace.

54 thoughts on “Hey, You! Wanna Moo? (#49): 100 Face Challenge

    1. Ooh, purple and green…..this is wacky, Jill! I was dreaming about a purple and green acrylic abstract last night! I may try it tonight. Ooh, feeling the cosmic ESP lol. ❤ Glad you liked this! I never know how these semi-abstract animals will go over, but I've really been in the mood to play lately (too much time in the office will do this lol)

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