Happy Birthday, My Love! (#50): 100 Face Challenge

I want to celebrate one of the loves of my life today, and send Happy Birthday wishes down south to my sweet girl.


Can’t wait to see you, my love! Keep making us proud! Your dad and I love you so much! Looking forward to giving you a big squeeze!

Today is Selfie Day, thanks to Teresa at One Good Thing. I can’t do a self-portrait to save my soul, and my girl is my husband made over….but she’s half me, after all, and way better looking!

Happy Thursday to all, and give someone special a big hug and kiss today. Let’s keep the love flowing. Peace.

65 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Love! (#50): 100 Face Challenge

  1. OMG! SO BEAUTIFUL! Another jaw-dropper! Oh Happy Birthday beautiful baby girl! Laura – I can see right into her beautiful soul through the eyes you drew! Absolutely brilliant! ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I think it was a nice surprise. I’ll probably try again……you know how difficult it is to draw someone you know. Very tough, and I was rushing at the end of the day, as usual. So glad you enjoyed it, and I’m sure she will love seeing all of the compliments when she reads these comments back. She is all her dad, and really is quite beautiful, inside and out. She lights up our family, for sure. πŸ’œ

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