Kaiko, Kitty (and Bookworm!) #51: 100 Face Challenge

I found Elisabet’s beautiful cat, Kaiko, one day when I was searching for cats in my WordPress Reader. Her photo really caught my eye, because Kaiko loves to read (and incidentally, so do I)!


I didn’t have time to include the book Kaiko was reading in my sketch, but if you visit Elisabet’s site at ercloudwalker.wordpress.com, you’ll find this dear kitty purrring along with a favorite book! I used to call my kitty with this phrase: “Is it time to read?” Wherever she was in the house, Penny would come running to snuggle and read with mama. There’s nothing like furry love, people, whether you prefer yours barking, meowing, or singing.    It’s all wonderful!

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend. Purrs and wags to all!

66 thoughts on “Kaiko, Kitty (and Bookworm!) #51: 100 Face Challenge

    1. Elisabet, I am so glad you love it! That means so much! Glad you enjoyed my story about Penny. She was a wonderful girl and we had a big connection. We had a deal….I’m pretty sure she will find me again. I will know when it happens….we had an agreement. Looking forward to that day coming. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed this sketch of your precious fur baby!

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  1. OH HOW SWEET and BEAUTIFUL! Another one that belongs on our gallery wall!!! I can just feel your cat love in this drawing. And maybe get the feeling of missing sweet Penny…. 😦 So glad you showed up with a drawing today, buddy! Sending hugs!

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