Cormorant for Denis! #52: 100 Face Challenge

Denis at Haiku Hound saw my recent artwork of a cormorant getting ready to take flight and kindly directed me to some wonderful images on his blog of a cormorant with wings up!


I am so drawn to these images, and have been having lots of fun drawing them, mostly in 2B graphite. Thought I’d share the only Neocolor II version I’ve come up with so far.   Thanks so much, Denis, and to all of you who inspire me daily with your poetry, photography, and artwork of all kinds.   I just soak it all up like a sponge!   Really enjoying it.

Happy Sunday! May it be a day of restoration and peace for us all!

56 thoughts on “Cormorant for Denis! #52: 100 Face Challenge

    1. Thanks so much! I love the community here and really trying to broaden it. I love connecting creative people together; it really warms my heart. So much creative wonderment to be found here at WP. Really glad you enjoyed this painting! Thanks again!


    1. Sharon, thank you so much! I do feel like I’m starting to find my wings. I may be one who is better with a hard implement than with a brush. At least, I approach it with more confidence. Those Neos give me a big leg up! Thinking about trying pastels as well – not sure if you’ve heard of Debora Stewart, but I read her book last summer and now I’m going to check it out again. She inspires the heck outta me! Anyway, I’m gonna get off this PC and go do something fun. Thanks for the encouragement, Sharon!

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      1. Great to hear you liked these as potential sketches. Please use any other images from my blog if you want to. You will be happy to hear my memory to Charlie is that I am going to see how I can develop sketching skills. Today I bought a kit. I have an outstanding mentor in your artwork so my aim is to be 20% as good as you after 1 year.

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        1. Denis, this is most exciting and I’m thrilled to hear it! I want to recommend Betty Edwards’s book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. That one is a gem. Many exercises in there, starting from very basic, and my guess is if you complete those, you’ll be much better at rendering form than I will! Thank you for your compliment, and I am really looking forward to your journey. Will you be sharing your artwork, do you think?


          1. Thanks Laura. When Im was a teacher my school made the brave move to Herrmann brain dominance test all the staff. That was so we understood ourselves as teachers and our preferred teaching/learning styles. In turn I was part of a team who trialled effective learning with 2 classes over 3 years. The results were unbelievable, its a long story. Anyway I was almost all right brain so to cut the story short Betty’s book seems to be waiting for me and your blog has been the motivator. AS to when I can share my future artistic skills it depends on my organisation skills, (as a right brainer there is a certain amount of procrastination and deviation along the road when being creative).

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    1. Thanks, Debi! So glad you liked this one. I’m starting to find my style, such as it is. I guess semi-abstract? I enjoy trying to create a portrait from a photo, but I’m starting to feel limited at times by this as well, which is where work like this flies in and saves the day. 💜

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      1. you’re welcome Laura! I love the freeing of the bird within you, wings taking flight and soaring!!
        I’d hazard a guess- that you naturally groove into a looser “Impressionistic” approach. vs photorealism, or traditionalist, or semi abstract which means its ‘just barely recognizable’ as the object.
        yours is Color filled; Loose; with a decidedly Impressionist Flair! But is still very much recognisable as the object. when you go pencil drawing, in tones no color, there is more of the Traditional approach, yet still freer than photorealism’s all hard edges. Just my thoughts for the day 🙂

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