Got Color?

Then roll it out! Let us seeeee your beautiful colorssss (in my Gollum voice) 😀

022916You guessed it!   More fun with Neocolors.   You can always count on it:

1.   Pick up a crayon.

2.   Scribble to your heart’s content.

3.   Light it up with water.

4.   Repeat, until your heart sings and the flowers BLOOM!

My work here is done.   With art supplies at the ready, we can go anywhere.   We can create a beautiful reality in front of us, no matter how crazy life becomes.  Bloom, people!   Thank you.   March is almost here   *applause applause*!

36 thoughts on “Got Color?

    1. I agree, Teresa……can’t imagine trying to get detail with a crayon, unless maybe you painted from a wet tip. I don’t find that easy to do with these, but maybe if you used a stiffer brush. Maybe do your detail with another instrument and just use these to color and blend? I’ve had many months to experiment too, which helps. 💜

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