I couldn’t resist this photo of a magnolia bud shared by Bert and Rusha at Oh, the Places We See.   Some amazing photography at their site; please check it out!     Thank you, Bert and Rusha, for sharing your magnificent work with us.  This is my interpretation, in colored pencil and graphite:


I hope you enjoy. The crocuses are blooming and Lady Spring is indeed on her way. I will likely be blogging less often between now and April 15, which is my busy season in the office.

I hope you’re enjoying the blossoms wherever you are. Peace.

36 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. So beautiful Laura! I can’t wait for blossoms 🙂 62 degrees yesterday at 6pm and 26 this morning at 6 am – and snow again – lol – crazy weather – but your blossom art is wonderful. Thanks for sharing such beauty!

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  2. Lady Spring, bring it on! I just saw a Robin in the back yard, so it won’t be long. It’s funny that you drew a pretty magnolia bud – my current project is also a magnolia. Such magnificent flowers, and their smell is so heavenly. Happy Wednesday!

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  3. the white star magnolia is lovely! I like how you gave it the colored version with the rose pinks and soft fuschia petals; you could easily do a series of this magnolia species Laura! you conveyed its very gentle quality with the sense of awakening …. wonderfully created 🙂 The OH site is Great too, just had a fast peek. cheers, Debi

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    1. Thanks, Debi! I’d actually really like to do that; wonderful idea, and thank you! Glad you enjoyed their site. :)). Flowers were so hard for me to do this time last year but I practiced them all summer long and I do feel they’re better now. Still a ways to go, of course, but making progress. Thanks for your encouragement. I don’t know if I’ve ever combined graphite and colored pencil before but I do like them together! 💜

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          1. you are welcome Laura! Experiments are always great Fun!! we could be like 2 ‘mad scientists’ experimenting with our white coats on and paints splattering away . . Smiling. 🙂


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