Spring Colors

I recently discovered a new blog called Broken Castles here on WordPress, and the images and poetry there are quite poignant. Aries graciously gave me permission to use this black and white photo as a reference for my artwork, and so here is my loose interpretation, in the colors I love best.


I started with an underdrawing in 2B woodless graphite, and then added (you guessed it!) Neocolors. If I would have been going for a realistic result, I’d have chosen a different medium entirely (and paid more attention to form lol), but the Neos once again allowed me to quickly capture my feelings about the subject and get them down on paper.   This is why I love them so.   Thanks, Aries, for allowing me to use your lovely image!

I hope you enjoy, and that you’re anticipating the weekend with twitching tailfeathers! Peace.

33 thoughts on “Spring Colors

    1. Thanks, Claudia. I’m so glad it translates. I felt swept away by the photo. The black and white image allowed me to interpret the color any way I liked. Also allowed me to realize I have that choice every single time. I don’t have to be limited by what’s in front of me. I appreciate your encouragement!


  1. You have described perfectly the reason for using Neocolors…they really are great for impact and conveying mood but not so much for realism (unless it’s only because I have a limited palette set). 🙂 Love your sunny flower! ❤

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  2. Spring is really here, at least in TX and your beautiful flower is giving us the perfect amount of color to celebrate the season. Do like your use of graphite in these pieces Laura! Happy Friday and weekend yo you!

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    1. Thanks, Mary! Glad you enjoy, as I’ll probably be combining graphite with color more often. I have been inspired by Debora Stewart’s work with soft pastels in which she has a charcoal and acrylic underpainting. I’ve ordered a set of soft pastels and really excited about it! Glad Spring has sprung in TX!

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