Happy Draw a Bird Day (March): Wood Stork (#55/100 Face Challenge)

Happy March reprise of Draw A Bird Day!  Time for art is running short these days, but I was recently inspired by a photo of a wood stork by Donna at Bay Photos by Donna and had to try a quick sketch in Neocolors after work last night.   Thanks again for the inspiration, Donna!   I also want to thank Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness for hosting DABD once again this month.


I hope everyone is enjoying an early spring with warm breezes and the promise of tulips just around the corner.   Peace.

59 thoughts on “Happy Draw a Bird Day (March): Wood Stork (#55/100 Face Challenge)

    1. Thanks, Claudia. I have to give credit to the Neocolors for that. If there were a fire and I had to save one art supply, that would be it! Most everything I make during the week at this time of year has to be really quick, and Neos do this like nothing else!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Laura! I love the eye, the capture of the light, just splendid! I so love the colors too, you have an awesome eye for coordinating them each and every time in your drawings. What a thrill to start my day in good ‘ole Maryland, we got back last night! Brrrrrrrrrr…… 😉 Thank you so much for another beautiful rendition of one of my birds, Laura, it’s both an honor and thrill to me. ❤

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Donna! It was just fast and furious after work, but I enjoyed making it, and hopefully some of that joy comes over to the viewer. I really appreciate you sharing your talent with us and so glad I could do some small thing to return the favor. ❤ Glad you're back home again – at least you brought the warmth back with you, huh?

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    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’ve been playing with them for over half a year now and definitely still learning about them. And enjoying the heck outta them! Really glad you enjoyed this one. They definitely are a fave of mine. Hope you are enjoying the warmth of Nevada today, my friend. ❤

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