Abstract Acrylic, Take Two!

I decided to experiment with a grid composition, molding paste and Liquitex Basics acrylic paints.    This was done to cover up a Bombay ink experiment gone wrong in the watercolor journal I made last summer.     I just love how molding paste changes the picture so fast!


Having lots of fun with this! Loving that metallic gold. Chris Cozen’s classes on Artist Network TV are so informative and inspirational!    She knows just about everything you’d ever want to know about most any product Golden makes, having been a Golden Working Artist, and now Educator, for many years.   Here is a link to her author page on Amazon, if you’re interested in checking our her work.    She’s truly a gifted teacher.  Bonus!

It is wonderful and warm here and I hope you’re enjoying the season where you are today. Peace.

64 thoughts on “Abstract Acrylic, Take Two!

  1. The texture, color and creative thought gives me inspiration this morning! Your experimentation is always awesome Laura. You have started us all off on the creative path today! 💕☕️ Cheers

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      1. I do have some Golden High Flow and some Daler Rowney inks. I have not played with them a lot. Do you watch any of the Strathmore Online free Workshops? The first one has just started and the artist is playing with Strathmore sketchbooks and preparing the pages with acrylic washes. The Art Ninja Guide Book!

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        1. I’ve seen them, yes, but not these specifically you’re speaking of. Sounds so cool tho, thx for letting me know! I ordered recently a Golden sampler pack from Blick. S/b coming soon and I’ll report back….samples of their paints and mediums. Can’t wait to receive it & start playing!

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    1. Big hugs to you, Lance! Thank you, my friend! I’m having so much fun with these products, and hopefully the joy translates. I’m always so glad for your praise, as I would just keel over dead if I could paint like you. Thank you.


  2. So much fun Laura, can’t wait to sign up for the demos, I watched the few minutes of taster demos….how to frustrate one self, seeing some of the video and wanting more…then it stops, can’t wait for my two weeks off, lots of riding and painting, thank you for introducing me to the channels.

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      1. I am, looking forward to sat chilling watching new videos to tempt me into buying more…..the extender medium that chris cozen uses already has me hooked ( best did out some acrylic paint from the shed, ready for some holiday play, unless something else tempts me between now and then)?

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  3. Oh my! I love this, and the things I see in your abstracts lately. This one my first thought was, “shelves with lots of neat treasures!” I see a little doll sitting in a nook on the top shelf, books, and a sail boat. 🙂 It’s lovely!

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    1. I wanna go too, and I don’t even see the party (or like them) LOL! I’m so glad you like this, Charlie! I am enjoying abstract work soooo much…..I can’t think of anything I’ve tried yet in this art journey that I’ve truly disliked. I like everything and wanna do it all! :))) *boing boing* and hearing your encouragement just ramps up the happy for me. Thank you for sharing your kind encouraging words, my bro & pal!

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      1. hehe… yeah, it’s all fun isn’t it? Impossible to choose a focus most of the time! That’s why I love art! But your abstracts are truly wonderful… I sometimes don’t like abstract work because I don’t feel there’s a connection to the viewer (some abstracts seem too internalized as if it’s a private joke only the artist could explain and it doesn’t resonate with me). But your work has your bright personality in it… so it’s really inviting and pulls me in.

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  4. fun, exciting, and thrilling! with these textural pieces one waits with such Anticipation…….. This is lovely Laura! sensational textural effects and colors that skim along!! big Smile 🙂

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