Acrylic on Plywood

I’ve been picking through Hub’s scrap bucket in the wood shop again. It’s loads of fun.   If you imagine something in this painting, I’d love to hear about it.


I coated this scrap of plywood in matte Mod Podge and then went in with the Liquitex Basics acrylics, just playing with some of the warmer shades of colors. I don’t have any good acrylic brushes yet, just playing with some old softies my daughter left behind when she moved. Having lots of fun with this new medium!   And she’s coming to visit this weekend.   Can’t wait!

Thank God it’s Friday, right? Enjoy the springy weather! Loving the daffodils in bloom, the crocuses……what a wonderful time of year. Peace.

53 thoughts on “Acrylic on Plywood

  1. So beautiful. I feel like I am experiencing another dimension. Maybe angel wings or ghosts or souls floating around. It is just what hit me first. In a beautiful calming comforting way. I so love your enthusiasm and passion for art! And I’m mostly excited your daughter is coming home this weekend and you get To spend time together. We are celebrating my youngest’ birthday on Sunday so the gang will all be here too. Yay!!

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    1. Oh, so exciting!! Thank you, Jodi! I love your interpretation. It’s so cool to hear what people see in an abstract painting. “Angel wings, ghosts and souls floating around” – so beautiful. Thank you. Have fun with your son & family this weekend! Can’t wait to see my sweet love in a few hours. :))))

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  2. love the simplicity of palette! I see tendrils and strands and filaments threading through the composition as you so thoughtfully chose a strong White Light….tone for contrast. clever Laura of Light!!

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