Turn Tuesday on its Head!

Or turn yesterday’s painting on its head.


I added soft chalk pastel to yesterday’s painting and then I went too far with it. Luckily though, I took a picture beforehand. Now I’m thinking I may abandon this one OR I may add texture paste and acrylic OR I may add plain old acrylic. Wherever the wind doth blow and Father Time alloweth!

Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone is having a smashing week!

45 thoughts on “Turn Tuesday on its Head!

    1. I wrecked it by going too far with the pastels. I didn’t post the gone too far image hehe. I took a photo before when I stopped for the night and luckily so because yeah. Killed it. But it is in my little journal so I can’t cut it up. That’s a terrific idea though, thanks Kerfe.


        1. That’s a thought. I use both sides tho, so chances are there’s something I’d like to keep on the flip side. I should probably do pastels in a completely different book that’s just for them tho, because they really make a mess. :))


  1. It really gives it a who new look. It is lovely, but I have to admit I loved it more yesterday. lol! Maybe it was the impact of seeing it first yesterday – who knows?! 🙂 Sometimes (no I should say MOST of the time), I don’t stop soon enough in my painting. I am trying to learn to quit before overdoing. But then masterpieces can be created from overdoing – collages and mixed media. Art is so FUN! 🙂

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    1. It is so fun, totally! I actually went too far after this and didn’t post that one, it was really bad. I do think sometimes with the chalk pastels that less is more but what I’d really like to get to is work like Debora Stewart’s. She is on artist network tv and has some YouTubes too and her abstracts will blow you away. She is the reason I even got a set of pastels! They are so inspiring. I’d love to be able to create with the depth she has going. I do think layers and different media can be helpful. If this picture (as it exists now which is icky) were on loose paper or anywhere but my daily art journal, I’d definitely cut it up and turn it into something cool! Have a great Tuesday Jodi! 💜

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    1. Oh, nice, Deborah! Sounds beautiful. Thank you, I’m so glad this painting inspires a beautiful memory like that. I have a lot to learn about pastels. I am a huge fan of Debora Stewart’s work and I’d really love to do an exclusively pastel (or pastel over acrylic underpainting) abstract piece like she does. She gets so much depth. She is really amazing. I’m so glad you like it.

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  2. I am currently doing some paintings with soft pastels on top of acrylic paints. I can’t wait to show you when I get further along. What I am discovering is that you can paint acrylics over them. I like the colors you used here, Laura. I think it looks super cool! 🙂

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    1. Nice that you can paint acrylics over them! I was wondering about this! Do you have to put an acrylic ground over them first? I was thinking maybe they’d get muddy if they were painted over? I am so new to pastels, still! Looking forward to seeing what you’re creating, Jill! Glad you like these colors. They are kinda my go-to colors whenever I need to settle down. :))

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  3. My vote is Texture Paste, Texture Paste, or maybe you could add Texture Paste. I think Texture Paste would add so much dimension to this beautiful piece. You could color texture paste or leave the Texture paste white or you could use a metallic Texture Paste. As a teacher I have learned that my students absorb more info if I repeat the info at least 7 or more times. Is it working? 🙂

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