Playing around with a limited palette and trying to focus on bringing more light into my painting this time around.


I want to thank my talented artist friend, Debi Riley, for her time and wisdom. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do! I promise you will be inspired by her beautiful paintings, wonderful, helpful information (not just for artists, but for everyone who loves colors and shapes) and tips, not to mention her lovely photographs of the land Down Under!

This painting was brought to you by Golden acrylics: Quinacridone magenta, Indian yellow hue, Hansa Yellow light & medium and Titanium white.   I’ve been working six days a week, and still not much time for blogging, but in a couple weeks, I shall bust out once again!    Enjoying busy season, but it’s always nice to get a break.    I wish for beautiful spring colors for all of you today.   Have a wonderful week!   Peace.

62 thoughts on “Whisper

    1. Thanks, Jill! Yes, they are stylized tulips as I still can’t imagine painting realistically in acrylic lol! I’ll be working on it this year though. So glad you enjoyed this. I just love pinks and yellows together and couldn’t resist trying another “window” in lighter tones. I could paint these little paintings all day. Just love the little 6×6″ papers. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Haunani. I’m really enjoying doing just that: playing with color. The more playful and the less deliberate I am, the better things seem to be. Learning a lot about those acrylic paints and really enjoying the process. So glad you enjoyed this one!

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  1. Hi Laura, limited palettes are so much fun to works with. And, I agree, Debi Riley’s blog is so interesting to read and her painting style is so beautiful. Speaking of beautiful you painting today is awesome.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I hope to bring out more light into my “window” paintings in the near future. Windows into spring! Really enjoying these wonderful colors and the smoothness of the paint. I’m so glad you popped in. Your flower blew me away this afternoon, my friend!

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  2. Oh Laura – your painting is glowing and floating and dancing – so light and bright and happy! So beautiful to see a piece of your artwork today! Love your latest style! 🙂

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  3. TA DA !!!! Voila’ magic of Light!!! Laura of Light
    Laura, this is Wonderful….. the Light tones, the ratio and balance of light in this is JUST PERFECT!!!!
    the windows can ‘suggest and hint’ at many things. You bring elements of Life, into the window. along with…. a sense of depth and perspective. We have a feeling of travelling in this, with a clear Destination.
    yippee skippee. 🙂 3d

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    1. Thanks, Debi, glad you like! I’m going to bring in different tones next time by subbing in titanium buff for the white, just learned this in a video class on Artist Network TV. I like this one but the colors are almost too sweet, I think. Will be curious how they’ll look lightened with the buff! Thanks as always for your feedback and encouragement!

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    1. Tierney, thank you! It was actually some fabric that I bought and loved that made me realize that pink orange and yellow together are really wonderful! A quilt with those colors and white would be smashing! I’m so glad you got the notification for this one. I may not be posting again til the end of the week so it may just be the fact I’m hardly posting lately that’s the problem and not WP lol. I’m so glad you like this one!


    1. Thank you, Amy! I saw one of your comments at Jodi’s blog and checked your place out right away. Your photos are amazing! I have only just played very short periods of time with pastels, been mostly into abstract acrylics lately during busy season but I am so glad to have inspired you! And really happy you like this piece. Thanks for stopping by!

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