Sorry Charlie … Draw a Bird Day (the real one) is COMING!

So many things to celebrate! First of all, the real, official, annual Draw a Bird Day is this Friday, April 8! Thank you once again to M. R. Emberson at A-Wing and A-Way for letting us know about this last year! We are forever grateful! Kerfe and Nina over at Method Two Madness are once again the gracious hosts of Draw a Bird Day this time around, so if you’re interested in joining us, please visit their site on April 8 and post a link to your bird artwork in the comments section. They will do a round-up (flap-up??) of all of the participants once the dust settles.   I want to thank an amazing photographer, Kathy at Backyard Bird Nerd, for this incredible bluebird photo.   My mom is having her own celebration in a few days, and she loves bluebirds best of all, so even though my watercolor palette was a bit dusty from lack of use(!), I got up at oh-dark-30 to squeeze in a quick attempt at that beautiful birdie face.   Thanks again, Kathy!


One of my fellow bloggers who is not only a talented artist, but just an all-around wonderful man and friend, Charlie O’Shields over at Doodlewash, is celebrating celebration days all month! Charlie, if I was anything but a tax accountant, you know I’d be tagging with you each and every day, but … duty (and procrastinating clients) calls. Howevah……what a way to celebrate Sorry Charlie day, huh? lol! Draw a Bird Day is lurking, pal! 😀 Although you rock at everything you paint, doodlewash, whatevah you wanna call it, you rock, guy. Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging to all of us here at WordPress. You are a wonderful cheerleader and we all love you so much!

I have to flap off, but I do hope you’ll help us make WordPress fly this Friday!

69 thoughts on “Sorry Charlie … Draw a Bird Day (the real one) is COMING!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia. I’m going for a looser style (Tori turned me on to Jean Haines) and this is easier with watercolor than acrylic (at least for me). So glad you like it, as I’m a huge fan of yours. Hoping for more time to paint soon! ❤


  1. Oh I recall this little bluebird and thought about painting it too – YOU ROCKED IT – dusty watercolors and all!!!!! I, too, am a member of the Charlie fan club, as you know. ALSO the Laura fan club! Mwah! (and I am one of those procrastinators – eeks! Better get my taxes done this weekend. Don’t you despise the likes of me! LOL!)

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    1. LOL! I would have to despise myself too, as I’ve not done mine either (well, no hurry to transmit when you’re not getting money back, that’s for sure)! I still have people who haven’t dropped their stuff off. Can’t say it thrills me, but I could always bump their fees, hehe! (More money for art supplies needed!) BTW, this little painting was done on one of the Blick samples – the 300# Arches cold press. I can see why you love it. The 140# is definitely “fiddle-able” too, but this one is even more so, just as you said. I’ll definitely be placing my order! You’ve sold me with the beautiful stuff you’re rocking out the door as well! If it weren’t for you, I may still be using those Strathmore watercolor cards, lol. Sure glad we crossed paths, you Diamond Crazy WC sistah’nista!

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  2. Nice Laura! I love your blue bird. Good for you for tweeting out the praise for Charlie O. We should all be thankful for his support. I don’t know how he finds the time. Also thank you for the reminder. My birdie is ready to post on Friday. 🙂

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  3. Hi Laura. I’m so happy that your busy season is almost over as I miss your beautiful work on your blog! I’m sure your mother will be extremely pleased with this sweet little bluebird painting – Happy celebration to her! You did a great job loosening up with the technique and I know that is not as easy as it looks. Also, as far as your comments about Charlie, I couldn’t agree more. He’s one of the good ones

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  4. Laura you nailed it with this cute birdie 😍Yes I started my DABD with you, many thanks for that 🙂 Nina & Kerfe both are great hosts 🙂 Kathy’s photos are real treasure to us, her incredible photography makes us to paint 😍:) Yup Charlie and you guys are our source of inspiration. Thank you 💕

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    1. Thanks so much, Snehal! IMO, you’re one of the best watercolorists here on WP so I really value your praise & encouragement, friend! Your stuff so rocks. I am not worthy *bowing* 😀 Charlie is so wonderful; I totally agree. He is a shining light here on WP!

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  5. Hee-hee, a flap-up! 😀 Your bird is super beautiful. Your watercolour painting skills are not one bit rusty; they look like they’ve got great flow actually. And you are so good at capturing the 3/4 portrait personality of so many animals! Thanks for getting up early to create this little cutie.

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  6. Funny, I was thinking about Jean Haines watercolor style this morning. I recently got one of her books. Her style reminds me a lot of Jodi. Love your happy Bluebird painting! I’m sure it will make your mom smile! 🐤💙😄 Charlie sure inspires me everyday with his amazing doodlewashes! I am so glad you introduced his art to me! 🎨👍 You and Charlie are both such great friends! 😍 Look forward to seeing more of your FABULOUS art when tax time is over! 😊

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    1. Thanks so much, Charlie! You are so sweet with your enthusiastic support of all of us here! I am getting ready to leave the office at 8pm EST and I doubt I’ll get another bird posted for tomorrow, but I hope to catch up on the weekend. We’ll see, hopefully I’ll have Sunday off. *fingers crossed* Thanks again for your encouragement, bro! I hope mom loves this, it did make a sweet little card. ❤

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    1. Hi Kerfe, considering I’m just leaving the office at about 8pm…..not sure I will have time to get another one prepared for tomorrow. I do hope I’ll have Sunday off though, so if worse comes to worst I’ll be able to post one then, I hope. Fingers crossed! Looking forward to see what everyone creates!

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  7. What a beautiful bluebird! I love everything about how you painted this little fellow! Your mom is going to love this! Good luck getting through tax season, the end is near! And big cheers to both you and Charlie! Wonderful, delightful and talented people you two are!

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