Happy (Belated) Draw a Bird Day!

It’s been one year since Michael over at A-Wing and A-Way let us know that there really IS a Draw a Bird Day celebration every year on April 8…..and we’ve been celebrating our wing-ed friends on the eighth of every month since!    Thanks for enlightening us, Michael!   It is so very cool to have a holiday just for drawing birds.   I want to thank Kathy over at Backyard Bird Nerd once again for a tremendously crisp image of a red-winged blackbird for this go-round.   Loved them all, and so hard to choose every time from so many wonderful images, Kathy.   This is my very loose interpretation, lol.


Busy season is keeping me…..busier than normal this year, and so I didn’t have time to create what I call “postable” art on April 8.   So I made a slapdash attempt today, instead!    I want to thank my friends Nina and Kerfe over at Method Two Madness for helping us keep WP flying this month, and hosting the April annual/monthly DABD celebration!

I hate to post on the fly, but my birds are playing the field today and I have to catch ’em while I can!    I hope to catch up with all of you soon.   (Yes, I will need real wings for that!)   Tweet tweet to all!

55 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Draw a Bird Day!

  1. Hi Laura, I’m so glad you’ve had a few moments to post your beautiful bird. I like how you used the bright colors to surround the bird, and just the touch of red. I can hear his tweets of joy! I hope you are getting some respite today!
    💕 Cheers

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  2. good for you Laura!
    there are times, yes…. when we really do have to say to ourselves that it is our ‘job’ to just show up to do the art.
    its then out of our hands about the ‘outcome’…….. dang. that is SO So hard to actually Do! loving the bright colors you’ve got going so far ((LL))

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    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! I am always over the moon when you like my interpretations of your photos! :)) Honestly, I think we are all stewing in each other’s juices here at WP. Your creativity inspires me and maybe mine inspires you back and we’re both whipped up into a frenzy to photograph or paint/draw birds! 😀 I find the blogging world hugely inspiring. I DO wish we lived closer though! ❤


  3. Laura, thanks so much for your kind words! Another year has flown by! I love the illustration of your bird. The vibrant splashes of color have me in the mood for spring. If only the weather would cooperate. I hope your week goes well!

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