I’m finding that working abstractly is like a journey into and through my mind. My painting changes my mind and vice versa as I continue.   This one was done on a 6 x 6″ sheet of acrylic canvas paper by Strathmore:


I’ve also learned that M. Graham’s line of acrylic paint is as vibrant, luscious, and fun to use as is Golden’s line (but easier on the wallet).    Having already fallen in love with their watercolor line, I decided to check out the reviews on Blick for Graham acrylics, and they all said pretty much what many of us have learned about the Graham watercolors:   You get a whole lot for your money, and you don’t sacrifice quality one iota.   In fact, you may wind up preferring Graham paint to some other more expensive lines.   Definitely worth considering!

I hope you are enjoying some gorgeous temperate weather, as we are of late.   Take some deep breaths and enjoy! Peace.

47 thoughts on “Reflections

      1. you’re very welcome Laura 🙂 I see, I see The Light!! and I don’t know so much about ‘wise’ … as much as it was learning the real hard way, for a really long time. I can’t say I think I’m too wise, that it took my that long. lol

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  1. So glad to see you are enjoying playing with your acrylics Laura. Interesting about Graham. Golden although fantastic are like you say very hard on ones wallet. Not sure I can get Graham”s here but will keep them in mind. Thanks for that.

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  2. Laura, so happy I stopped by your blog, before I temporary have no Internet. “Going Back Home” to Michigan’ after wintering the last three months in Florida. I will be on the road for a few days, and then, the unpacking begins, and setting up house, food and such. As usual, your artistic muse is shining brightly. Fantastic abstract painting.


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    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! What a kind comment! I do begin to feel like I’m “coming into my own” a bit with these pieces. As much as I love representational work, I am loving these abstracts. Really enjoying acrylics too, and never thought this would happen. Art brings continual surprises my way, and I’m really grateful for each one!

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    1. Thanks so much, Charlie! I’m really glad you feel this way and that you took the time to let me know. I feel like I could paint these windows forever! At 6×6″ and on paper canvas, I wonder if anyone would buy them? I’m really enjoying the abstract work. I do at times miss representational stuff, as I like that too, but these paintings are like mini-vacations. Very refreshing (when they turn out well, lol)! ❤

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