Hey Peeps…..Draw a Bird Day May is on the Way! (58/100 Face Challenge)

It’s now been more than a year since our friend M. R. Emberson at A-Wing and A-Way let us know that there is an actual holiday for drawing birds (April 8). Many of us have been celebrating our wing-ed friends on the eighth of every month since.


Sunday, May 8 is only a week away, and we would love it if you joined us! Let’s keep WordPress flying! If you post a link to your May bird artwork either here or on my May 8 post, I’ll post a round-up with links to all of the participants’ work when the dust settles.

I want to thank my friends Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness for hosting Draw a Bird Day during my busy season. They did a wonderful job, and from them, I learned a few tips that will hopefully help me to manage this month’s wrap-up a little more smoothly.

I am joining my friend Margaret Parker Brown at Yuba Gold (and I think Debi Riley is hoping to join in too) in painting every day this month! You won’t want to miss the work those two ladies will be posting, that I can promise! I am still a baby artist and out of practice with watercolor, but I could not resist this amazing photo of a goldfinch my buddy Jodi at Life in Between shared recently.

Goldfinches are one of my very favorite birds, so full of sunshine, and so I just had to try a little painting on a sample piece of 3 x 4″ 300 lb. cold press Saunders Waterford watercolor paper kindly provided to me (for free!) by Dick Blick.    I was aiming for something I didn’t quite achieve, but I find that often is the case with watercolor, and I’m learning to be pleased with what the medium (AKA the watercolor gods) is up to at that particular moment.

A few other things I learned:

  1.   Having less time can sometimes work in my favor, at least with watercolor (this really helped with a bluebird I painted recently)
  2.   Cadmium yellow and dioxazine violet do not make the strong black I was hoping for (thus, neutral tint to the rescue, thanks Charlie)
  3.   I’m not sure if I’m a gouache girl (forgot to save the whites and used my zinc white gouache for the first time this go-round)
  4.   It is what it is, and “it” will get better if you just keep pressing forward and showing up!

My goals for this month include becoming more familiar with acrylics, experimenting with all kinds of different surfaces, expanding my color palette, particularly with my abstract work, and getting used to waking up very early to an alarm clock so that I can keep painting every day this month (just keeping it real)!   I’ve also set a goal to get back to a daily yoga practice and incorporate aerobic exercise into my life again.   After sitting in front of a desk for lo, those many hours during busy season (and yes, cheating with chocolate bars), I need to lose a few pounds and stop creaking so much when I move (only slightly kidding).   Wish me luck on all of these goals, and pray ’em if you got ’em!

I do hope that you are enjoying your Sunday, and that you get time to play with your art supplies (or whatever thrills you the most) today.   Shake a tailfeather or two, it’ll do your body good.  Peace.

54 thoughts on “Hey Peeps…..Draw a Bird Day May is on the Way! (58/100 Face Challenge)

  1. I hope to join you with this bird thing….lol I am popping in to view and then get out. Sunday is suppose to be my “no computer” day and I have broken my rule for one hour! I’ll get back in and read this thoroughly and comment. Just wanted you to know I’m in! 🙂

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  2. Shake it, shake it, shake it, I reckon you little yellow beauty is shakin his tail feathers too, I know you will achieve your goals, being so dedicated, and hard working, talented, and motivated, cheerful, inspirational person that you are. Are you painting the yoga positions, or painting while doing the yoga moves? Lol😉

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  3. Glad your back, Laura! (My apologies, I have been away from WordPress recently, so I will be playing catch-up during this week.) I am excited to see what you and other peeps come up with for May 8th!!!


  4. What a beautiful job you did with our fave- the goldfinch! I love what you did with him! Hubby and I are heading out on a little vacation soon, so I hope to get some posts prepared ahead…. we’ll see…. Fingers crossed. and paint brush waiting! 🙂 xo

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    1. Thanks, Jodi, I’m glad you like it! I was hoping you wouldn’t think I’d butchered your lovely photo. I got way too right with this painting. Trying to get close into the face and be more realistic….except I’m woefully not ready for this in watercolor. Pencil, pen is a whole different animal, so much more control. But I love color, so had to try the medium giving me the best chance at realism. Lol my abstracts go over way better than any realistic watercolor I ever try. Tough medium, as you know! Anyway, I’m glad you weren’t disappointed in it, as it was your composition and gorgeous image I was trying to do justice to.

      I hope you and Marty have a wonderful vacation!! And if you miss a day or two, I found out there are no WP police to collect and jail you!!! lol. 😎🌻🙇😘💛

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  5. Nice work on the goldfinch. Especially the yellow! You have set some wonderful goals for the month. I work on a six week plan. At the end of six weeks I check to see if I have met my goals and then I set new ones!

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  6. Love your bird. Wonderful how you’ve achieved the black and the yellow is super! I hope to think of ‘draw a bird day’ this month. I drew and painted a lot of birds last month – but not on the 8th!

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  7. Hi Laura, thanks for your tips about honoring birds on the 8th of each month! I paint quite a few birds and will try creating some on those dates too! I have an endangered bird I’m working on now and perhaps it will be finished by Sunday, if so, or not I’ll post it as a WIP. Love your spirit towards art and life! Chipper little goldfinch you’ve painted, they’re a favorite of mine, perhaps because they enjoy feeding off of Sunflowers which are also a favorite.

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