Doodlewash Dinner: May Madness Day 9

I realize it’s a little unorthodox to bring oranges to dinner, but it’s a Doodlewash dinner, after all, and I never claimed to be orthodox hehe. Hey, it’s gluten free, corn free and GMO free, and that’s about all that matters! I hope you enjoy.   This one is 5 x 7″ on a canvas panel.


The very talented Charlie at Doodlewash is painting food items all month, and if you’d like to join him, just tag your artwork #doodlewashdinner and he will do a recap of everyone’s entries at the end of the month!   Try not to visit when you’re hungry, as sometimes I’m tempted to lick the screen after viewing Charlie’s wonderful work!

Like Charlie, I am really enjoying making a small painting every day.   It is good for the soul.   We were born to be creators, so please, create away!    And don’t forget to shake thy tailfeather while doing it!    Peace.

68 thoughts on “Doodlewash Dinner: May Madness Day 9

  1. Laura, I love this orange – you’ve achieved such a delicious combination of vibrant colours here, and have really captured the inner and outer colours of the orange too. Marvellous! 🙂

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  2. You know how to get me…just put blue and orange together in a painting and I’m in! I love oranges. And don’t throw away the peel. That’s the best part, you know. Yeah, people think I’m weird. They’re probably right. Thanks for sharing this colorful “doodle”.

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      1. Yes, complementary colors are always fun, but for some reason it’s blue and orange that always gets me. I think red and green makes me think “Christmas” too much, and yellow and violet sometimes seems a little too extreme for my taste. But blue and orange! Just right. I’m sure I’ll be painting a lot with those two hues.

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  3. Wow!! This is awesome!! What a wonderful gift to wake up to this morning!! This is a gorgeous piece!! And unorthodox is what a doodlewash dinner is all about! Hehe… Thanks for bringing this!! Yay!! This is really wonderful Laura!!😍😍Beautifully painted with rich gorgeous color. Love it!!!!

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      1. I don’t like it – (o: – I love this painting – I can see a room with this on one wall and your day 4 painting on the opposite wall – these are such compelling works – sorry to ooh and aah – but you see…

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        1. I so appreciate your comment, Stephen. I’ll explain this weekend, but my daughter actually painted this in oil as a high school senior during a 30-minute painting exercise. I’ve always loved it. Her last HS art teacher was unkind and demoralized many of her students. She did know how to teach from a mechanics standpoint, but that was about it. I asked my daughter’s permission to post her painting on my blog, because I wanted her to have a chance to review the generous feedback so many of my friends, including you, tend to give. I was so pleased with how well her painting was received here, and I am really hoping that she will paint again. Thank you most warmly for your encouraging words, both to my daughter and to me.


  4. I’ve never seen such bright colours! I love how you’ve used the background too – those lovely dark blues really throw the orange right at us – Dangerous stuff – and I love it!

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  5. Sorry Laura! I gotta keep it real. This is not my favorite but, it does capture the spirit of my compost pile in the backyard. Orange you glad I am honest! Ha!

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  6. you did everything brilliantly! your tonal value contrasts are perfection in this! yes, I do love blue/orange…fav yes, that zing of hot scarlet pops; but you totally got the tones so delightfully lovely Laura! make sure you turn this into postcards, mugs, ipads, …..:) its great ((LL)) 3d

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  7. This is such a brilliant painting when enlarged. If your daughter made this please encourage her to keep on painting. I taught high school art for 25 years…I know creative potential when I see it…your daughter has the Touch!

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    1. Thank you very much! I passed your comment on to her. She loved art through high school, but in her senior year, she had a teacher who taught mechanics well, but crushed the spirits of many of her students. This woman managed to convince her she had no talent! I posted this because I had a feeling it would get wonderful feedback from my artist friends, and thanks to you and others who took the time to comment, it did. I am most grateful for your comments, both on this painting and on my other work. You are a wonderful, encouraging presence, and I just wish that every art teacher was exactly like you. Again, thank you.


  8. It’s really sweet that you posted your daughter’s painting incognito so that she could hear the praises. I hope it encourages her to resume painting. Sometimes people who teach have hang ups of their own which they begin projecting onto the students. So when you really love something and want to learn it, sometimes you have to find that inner drive inside yourself because even under the best circumstances you’ll encounter critics, and some critics can be really nasty. Ugh. A pox on ’em.

    Tell your daughter that her blue and orange is really delightful. Maybe the beauty of things in the world will tug at her and make her want to record her visual thoughts again.

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