Acrylic Abstract on Molding Paste

I’m in love with Golden paints.   Just head over heels for them!   I hope my cooing and gurgling won’t be too loud for you.   This is acrylic on a 5 x 7″ piece of Claybord by Ampersand.


I started with a thin layer of Golden molding paste.   Before it was dry, I added lines suggesting a random grid pattern with my palette knife, then used the flat of the knife to add web-like texture here and there. (Note: This molding paste is not the same product as the light molding paste I’ve used to paint watercolor on. This one is heavier and creates a non-absorbent surface.)    I wanted another deep, dark surface, similar to the black gesso I used to create yesterday’s underpainting.    So I went with some dark colors such as quinacridone burnt orange, van dyke brown and even threw in a bright one (diarylide yellow, a favorite; you’ll see it there in the top center area of the painting as well).

This painting feels to me like a patchwork quilt, without needles, pins, or fighting a machine.   Triple win!   I really enjoyed using the lines created by the palette knife to help me build the structure of the composition.   Iridescent copper fine played an important role, as did interference violet (love the interference colors!) and  Golden’s broad range of purples, oranges and others (quinacridone crimson, quin violet, quin burnt orange, quin crimson, micaceous iron oxide, diarylide yellow, cobalt violet hue, green gold, van dyke brown).    It is like playing in a sandbox of color every time I sit down with these paints!   It’s like being surrounded by a bunch of toys you never tire of.   What could be better?   (Note:  As I am a Blick affiliate, purchases from these links will help support my site.)

If you’re interested in dipping your toe in the wonderful world of acrylic paint and texture mediums, I can recommend any book or DVD by Chris Cozen.   I think Artist’s Network TV (where her videos are featured) is a bargain at under $20/month.    All of the major mediums are covered, and you will never need to go elsewhere for inspiration!

I hope you are rocking into Monday morning.   I think your art supplies may be calling you!   Peace.

72 thoughts on “Acrylic Abstract on Molding Paste

  1. What a glorious patchwork of colors! Oh, that iridescent look is so beautiful. Just as you said, it’s a sandbox of color every time we paint. With the texture added in, this one is phenomenal. Way to go!

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      1. I’m really looking forward to doing something textured. For the last few days I’ve been doing watercolors. That seems to be my weekend routine while my husband is home. It’s easier to practice on something more or less familiar instead of trying to focus on something new. Now, Monday morning is here, the house is quiet since he’s gone off to work, and I can concentrate more. Time to play!

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  2. Hot Diggety!!! boy Laura, sure hope you’re doing a Series of These!!! everything is working. love the textures, the mark making lines created, the CONTRASTS you have created work like a charm! the color palette is subtle. there are judicious areas of ‘woo hoo’ Purple, but not all over the place. This is really, going to the Next Level!!! ((LL)) 3d

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    1. Thank you so much, Debi! I did another on 8×10 canvas yesterday but it needs refining. I’m so glad you feel I am going in a good direction. This means a lot to me! More than you know. Is there enough light? I want to be very careful with this aspect. Again, thank you! 💛💜💛

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      1. you’re welcome Laura 🙂 the way you have used tonal contrasts so effectively…. light against a darker area makes this work really well. It appears on the screen to have enough light to me. this is a very, good work!

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  3. Oh how I’m LOVING this! Could look at it forever! You have such a knack for these with color and texture and light and balance. It is a beautiful patchwork of Laura! These colors are absolutely cooing and gurgling worthy!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! I just love these colors! I did an 8×10″ yesterday over a deep dark vibrant green. Still trying to refine but I do think I’m ready to go larger. At least 8×10, huh? I’m so glad to delight you!!! You are a fan of the warm colors! 💜💛💜 Thanks, friend.

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  4. You are killing me with these! I love this painting so much! I need to get some Golden acrylics and give them a try. I only went with Liquitex because they were the first company to make acrylics….but who cares….I want Golden now. Well done Laura 🙂

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    1. Margaret, it is so cool to get great feedback about these paintings. I’m getting ready to pick up a book at the library about the work of Paul Klee, after Kerfe mentioned him. I plan to do a few “inspired by Klee” paintings too. I still need to try your dreamy watercolor abstract idea too! Anyway, yes, I do think the Golden paints are special. And I don’t say that about every “popular” brand that comes along. I’d almost buy them for the Made in USA alone, I think with the state of our economy, we have to do our part. But yeah, I will sail with Golden any day. They give me a big leg up. I may even try their Q’or (I think that’s how you spell it) watercolors do get ready for World WC Month!

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  5. Awesome Laura!
    Reminds me of stained glass, but with fabric, except it’s a painting. Some sort of paradoxical puzzle for sure.

    It’s crazy cool how much texture you can get out of that molding paste. Your balance of yellow and Purple is spot on and the two colors have become two of my favorites recently (don’t tell blue and green) and I love how you used green and red subtly to reinforce the complimentary theme.

    Outstanding stuff.

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  6. Very beautiful Laura I love the colors and texture well done! ❤ My post yesterday for #Nature Doodlewash was a cute Red Breasted Bird that I guess you may love to see! In case you haven't here it is ;-)

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      1. Your work is amazing! I’m very grateful that you share your secrets with all of us LOL I’ve only been painting for a year .. I’m teaching myself .. thanks to people like you who help people like me pretty much anything I want to learn or try there’s a video about it online 🙂 I run a very small painting group on Facebook .. almost all beginners .. it’s the most amazing thing I ever decided to do ❤ I will tune in to your blog everyday 💌 thank you so much

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        1. I’m more on IG now but not posting there daily. Hopefully soonish. I’m pretty new to art, too, and being involved with the art community here on WP taught me a lot. We’re a helpful and sharing bunch. I’m glad something I learned can help others too. 💜 I appreciate your comments.

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