Trash to Treasure (World Watercolor Month #6/31)

Yay for watercolor and double yay for gesso.   And acrylics!   This is 5 x 8″ 140 lb. Arches cold-press:


Now that I’ve learned a few ways to recycle watercolor fails, I enjoy painting with watercolor more.    Throwing good paper away just doesn’t make me happy.   This began as a crazy attempt to do something in watercolor, not sure if I even remember what, but no matter.   Just add gesso, and it’s all gone!    I like the dry brush effect, especially with gesso, as it is so “white”.   This way, it adds texture while still covering up the painting behind it.

After covering the old,  it was back to my solid old friends, Golden fluid acrylics, to make things right again.    Quin Crimson, quin violet, Indian yellow hue, quin burnt orange, quin magenta, quinacridone nickel azo gold, burnt sienna, I just love these colors.   Particularly the quinacridones.   I love them in every medium!     And Kerfe.    Every time I work with a grid composition, or even think about grids, I think of you.     And you will too, when you check out that link!   (Note:   As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from these links will help to support my site.   Enjoy, and thank you!)

Not sure if I should leave this one as is, or try and add more punch.   I may just stew on it awhile before deciding.   We’ve already made it to the middle of the week!   It’s all downhill from here.   Wishing you a colorful Wednesday.   Peace.

49 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure (World Watercolor Month #6/31)

  1. Yay for recycling, I totally agree I hate throwing away good paper, with art failures….I sometimes use the reverse side, but that is annoying if that turns out great, but has a horrid mistake on the back…..I guess it tells a story? I do love your grids, they really appeal to me.

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  2. This reminds me of the first pink skyscraper I have ever seen. It’s in NYC. Your painting takes me back there to the wee hours of the morning when I was waiting for the sun to rise. There were a few windows illuminated with golden light just like your painting.

    I need to try the gesso trick! I’ve torn up and used a scratch paper so good paper, or I shred it when both side have been used and both sides are failures.


  3. I never throw anything away…hmm, maybe that is my problem! Lol! I think art can always be used in something else. I wonder what it would be like to gelli-print over a watercolor? Oh, I might have to give that a try! I like your painting, Laura. It reminds me of woven paper. I like how you added interest to the piece by varying the colors too. Good work! :-)))

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    1. Yours would be beautiful, Jill. If I had your talent, I would never throw anything away either. I have my wc fails in a pile for collage, but not being a collage artist, they’re collecting dust. Not anymore! (Although this month, I haven’t exactly had to dip into my stash lol.)

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  4. What a nice save! I love everything about this painting- the colours, the textures, the reflections on the little boxes, the varying tones; everthing. I can’t imagine anything would make it ‘more’.

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  5. Laura, I love these colors used together! I was really studying your painting and at first thought of your fun Windows and glimpses of light, and then suddenly the pink and orangish colors reminded me of something I had in the 1970s. That took my goofy brain to the wall on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In and I pictured it with flowers, peace signs, etc. on it and maybe Ruth Buzzy popping out of one of the Windows! Okay, I digress, but I really enjoy your painting! 👍🏻


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