Fiber Paste by Golden (More from the Mad Scientist for World Watercolor Month #7/31)

There are several samples included in Golden’s A to Z box that can turn most any surface into one that absorbs watercolor paint. I experimented with a texture product called fiber paste, and it was lots of fun!   This is a product that looks like handmade paper when you apply it to a surface.   How textured the surface becomes depends upon how thickly you lay it down and what kinds of textures you add to it.

0707 before

I started with a palette knife on a 5 x 7″ piece of Claybord that I was looking to cover up, because the painting didn’t turn out so great.   I applied the fiber paste thinly in some areas and a little more thickly in others so that I could make swirls and patterns in the surface.   (You have lots of working time with this product, because it takes several hours to dry thoroughly.)    After it fully dried, I went right in with my watercolor paint.   I didn’t need to dampen the surface first, because it is very forgiving, and easy to soften off the leading edge (if desired) as you paint.   I found colors very easy to lift when the paint was wet also – all the way back to the white of the surface.  Once the paint dries overnight, though, it acts more like watercolor paper in that you can lift color a bit if you work hard at it, but those fibers hold on to the pigment pretty tightly, and the color is less likely to move on you.

0707 afterI was pretty happy with this for a first attempt, and really looking forward to playing with this product more!      I love the handmade look of it, and with the added bonus of being able to create textures, skins, etc. – you can even mix in acrylic paint or ink to colorize the surface before you even pickup a brush!   So……lots of exploration ahead with this one.    This product is available in jars sized 8 oz. and up, and as a sample size in the Golden acrylic A to Z set.    (Note:   As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from these links will help to support my site.   Enjoy and thank you!)

I’m really enjoying experimenting with different products, surfaces, paints…….feels like a playground.   I hope you’re enjoying the ride!   July’s edition of Draw A Bird Day is tomorrow, in case you’d like to post your bird art for my roundup later.   Peace to all.

46 thoughts on “Fiber Paste by Golden (More from the Mad Scientist for World Watercolor Month #7/31)

    1. lol! I am soooo enjoying these experiments and playing with stuff I’ve already bought and never tried (much of the time)! Having a blast….to be honest, wish I had this kind of stuff to look at a couple of years ago when I was getting started. Art supplies are an addiction that I can actually participate in, since my body hates most all the other ones lol! ❤ (((((Jodi)))))

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  1. Have you tried painting on it before it’s dried? That might be fun too. But I really like how the texture gives dimension to the color.
    I almost forgot about draw a bird day! But I do have some birds done, I just need to photo them…thanks for the reminder. (K)

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    1. It might be fun, this was my first try, so nope, haven’t tried it. One thing I do know is that you can colorize this before it dries. Which I think is pretty cool. Mix any acrylic paint you want in here, just a couple drops is probably all you need to make it whatever color “ground” you like – and you know that color won’t move. Pretty cool. I am loving their stuff, all of it! And yay for DABD! 😀


  2. I had to show my husband this… beautiful and soft and textured and well, perfect! I don’t have time to read your post now because I have to get ready to go to town but when I can I am coming back to read it thoroughly. I love your experimenting, so cool…..okay, have to go… rock! 🙂

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      1. I used it once on a tin and it worked great. And then my jar disappeared! No idea where it is and darn it, it was expensive. Story of my life, if I really want something it’s always in the other house (between AZ and Wis).

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    1. Thanks, Charlie! This was my first time with fiber paste, but in the past I’ve showed light molding paste. That one is my favorite so far. I still can’t quite wrap my head around acrylic products that somehow absorb watercolor instead of repelling it??

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