Ripples (World Watercolor Month 10/31)

This was mostly done in watercolor with some help from Golden fluid acrylics and Liquitex Gesso. It’s roughly 5 x 8″ on 140 lb. Arches cold press watercolor paper.


One thing I really appreciate about painting in watercolor every day this month is that I know without a doubt that there will be no shortage of watercolor fails hoping to be turned into abstract paintings!    And I am happy to grant their wishes.    Would I have posted this without a monthly painting challenge? Doubtful. But it was a fun journey, and I’m learning a lot in the process, so it’s all good.   (Note:   As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from these links help to support my site and a fledgling artist.   Enjoy and thank you!)

Pensive thoughts while painting today. Our lives become so much more impactful when we consider the ripples we leave in our wake. Peaceful Sunday to all.

54 thoughts on “Ripples (World Watercolor Month 10/31)

      1. Paintings don’t have to be anything, I loved Margaret’s post about me dative painting, just placing the brush where the mind wants it, but not trying to create anything, sometimes it just expresses a momentary emotion, or feeling. How can paint be ugly? We have such fun times with it 😀

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  1. I like that bright orange “sun” in your painting. It reminds me of the smokey skies we had last year from all the wildfires. I’m so thankful we are getting more rain this summer so it isn’t so dry. I like the myster to this piece, Laura. 😊

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  2. Oh MY GOOODNESSSSS – so GLAD for WorldWatercolorMonth to make you post this as you wouldn’t have otherwise!!! ARE YOU CRAZY lady?!? This is AMAZING!!!!!!!! There is so much to like about! It’s like a magnifying glass finding the brightness and beauty in the world. Yay for YOU Laura Loo! Keep on splashing!

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  3. Yes! Again you are capturing so much. This feels like the cover of a science fiction novel that i simply must read. Laura, your oranges and yellows seem to bounce and reflect in your images. They seem so warm. This one is mysterious to me.

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  4. Yeah, so I’m not feeling an once of guilt getting you to do watercolor all month! 😉You’re so funny… even if the medium doesn’t speak to you like acrylics, you still manage to make lovely art that speaks to US!! 😍 This is unquestionably beautiful, and also kind of dark and dramatic. It’s just flipping cool! Love it sis! 💕😃

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    1. Thank you, Charlie, you’re all heart! I’m sure this month of WC was meant to be, even for me, somehow, and God knows I’ll support my bro, you accomplished this for July and that’s pretty incredible! It’s a learning experience and a pretty incredible one! Thanks again for your encouraging support, my bro and pal. 💜💜💜

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  5. well Laura…. I LOVE, love love the featured area!!! that whole top 3/4 of the painting is Fan tastic!! maybe cropping an inch off the bottom… and Voila! but, really, I like it ((LL)) and do have a look at Clarice Beckett, very soft and moody very haunting painter.

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