Mama Said, Mama Said (World Watercolor Month 15/31)

That song is stuck in my head from working at this, really trying to make this painting “become” what it wants to be.    The lines of communication just weren’t there, and I couldn’t hear what it was trying to tell me.   All I could hear is that song “Mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, mama said….”  This is 5 x 8″ 300# Arches cold-press.   The good news is, this has turned from a watercolor painting (yeah, it’s underneath, somewhere) to an acrylic painting, and with acrylics, it is never over.   Amen, brother Ben, and please pass the sauce!


Every painting is a journey. Some journeys never get there, and we just have to turn the page, and know that the sun will rise tomorrow!

What I learned:

1. I truly love Quinacridone Burnt Orange.
2. I love texture products. OK, I already knew that.
3. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Note:   As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from this link helps to support my site, and a fledgling art business.  Enjoy, and many thanks.

This weekend, I’ll be posting my round-up from the fabulous bird art we saw on July 8, when we last celebrated Draw A Bird Day.   Peace and happy WEEKEND to all!

51 thoughts on “Mama Said, Mama Said (World Watercolor Month 15/31)

  1. Dear Laura…. I must say, once again, I DO LIKE This! it may not yet be totally done – but its so close! there’s just a couple bits to do…
    love the edges, the bits of blue peeping out and about, the bold texture!!! the colors as the foundation are fan tastic! yep. I like it. its nearly there! ((LL)) 3d

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      1. Laura, you are so generous with your praise and comments 🙂
        I have had a ‘rethink’ of my WP and getting caught in the social media aspects of ‘blogging’
        (the whole, ‘trying to make the World Love you’) is not my bag.
        I like just, talking to people, like you…. and to answer the call I’ve been given.
        oops! I forgot to mention I like chatting to Gollum too!! 🙂 hehehe

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  2. If days are like this….I will definitely sign up! Pass the sign up sheet dear Laura! Watercolor underneath, watercolor above, watercolor in the middle …wherever they are it does not matter anymore. The over all look is wonderful, lovely and it had a grungy edge on it.

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  3. Ok Laura…. Here goes. Yes I like the colors and the textures are fun. I zoomed in to see the depth of textures. 👍🏼 Don’t hate me. It looks like an adult finger painting. 😜🖐🏼🎨

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  4. The colors are sooooo beautiful! They are rich and sparkling, and the hearts fill it with love. I see beauty and love. And it is just what I needed today. I only feel bad you were frustrated creating such beauty. 💜

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  5. Love the colors and texture, it looks like a fun journey. The beauty of acrylics is they can offer another bite of the apple, and sometimes it just takes a little bit of stepping back, giving it time, mulling a bit and thinking up a map and seeing what direction to go in, if at all…the key is if you had fun, and learned a few things, which you did then like the song says, “…so I don’t worry ’cause

    Mama said there’ll be days like this…”

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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  6. I love the fact that you take a watercolor and turn it over into another piece of art….but I get that feeling that you are purposely doing that to get to what you really love! I am onto you girl! kidding aside, watercolor takes time and patience, boy don’t I know it! I see hearts in your little piece…..I agree with Debi it is a great start and I can’t wait to see where you’ll take it. 🙂

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    1. Foiled again! You caught me, Margaret! lol. I’m so glad you saw the hearts….you and Jodi both. ❤ It's already changed, don't know where it will finally go, but I did learn (I should add this) that Golden fine pumice gel is going to be in my next supply order. It is not the prettiest unless you tint it first, it has a little bit of a gray tint to it unless you add acrylic paint in, but it has a wonderful texture that is on the smooth side and it is a joy to paint on. It is also writeable/drawable and apparently works as a pastel ground too (even though Golden has its own product for that). Speaking of which M – what do you use for pastel ground, or do you? I wasn't sure if it's even required or not, the only things I know about pastels I learned from Debora Stewart's videos on Artist's Network TV, and she happens to use Golden's acrylic ground – which she tints with their fluids first and then she uses charcoal along with that as her underpainting. She is the reason I bought a set of pastels – she makes it look soooo easy. The only thing I've seen as beautiful as her paintings is that one you showed us that was a very special one. It was just as stunning as Debora's work. Maybe even moreso (if that's possible). Anyway. Now that I've written another novel…. 😀

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      1. I love your writing…..not many people do here on WordPress, I like to discuss art and life and you like to do that, win-win situation. No I have never used a pastel ground though I have been thinking about it. My favorite paper has been out for over a couple of years and I have been spoiled. There are a few other papers that I like but not as much. So, I have been thinking of making my own substrate but prefer to just order something and paint….lazy, I know. 🙂 I have heard that Uart has several grades and on the grittiest ones, they rival Wallis….I need to look up Debora Stewart…..ah…..they are beautiful! I guess since I am into landscapes and portraits, her work has eluded me. So beautiful! You should give pastels a try, I could see you doing pastel paintings… can do a mixed media I am sure.

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        1. Thanks, but I have much to learn, mine wound up looking muddy which turned me off. Definitely abstract, never tried realism in pastels but when I see what you do and Mary is another one, not sure if you are familiar with Oil Pastels by Mary, I think she made a comment on here somewhere. You guys do amazing work. Rebecca too. I have a lot to learn. I’ve found acrylics the easiest to pick up so far. I thought pastel would be easy. But I have never started out the way Debora does hers, and I bet I’m working on the wrong paper when I do work on just paper. It’s just a Strathmore mixed media surface (it’s one of their better grades but it is cotton rag and not really what I’d call toothy). What paper do you like?

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          1. Oh, I love Mary’s oil pastels! I am hoping to get some next month. So Deborah’s pastels are soft pastel? right? I took a look at her paintings and yes, they look like soft pastel. Did you get the soft or oil, a big difference. My favorite paper for pastels are Pastelmat, Uart (used enough to know that I like them) and also La Carte of which I used a lot in the past but got hooked onto Wallis which is always out or not being made. I like the sanded paper because I am aggressive and need to have a sanded paper to handle my manhandling approach. lol yep, I am a handful! Strathmore mixed media surface was probably too smooth. I hate Canson because it takes just so much and it doesn’t want to accept anymore pastel. I go on heavy and rich and then some!

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    1. Thanks, Teri! The texture came from Golden’s fine pumice gel, which I’d never tried before, and I do love it. Have you ever tried this? I learned about it from Chris Cozen’s videos. It turns any surface into one that will accept watercolor, but yet it’s an acrylic surface. It’s also writeable and drawable. Has a bit of grit to it, but it’s a very fine texture. I really liked it. My colors on the gel were the problem with the painting; I really loved the texture too. You can lift color from this stuff but there was too much of it in this case and, I just felt like it was easier to paint over it in acrylic.

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  7. Hahaha… I have to laugh because I destroyed two ATCs today trying something with watercolor, so I gessoed over and they are waiting for tomorrow. Then I almost destroyed the third one with overmixing the colors, you will see tomorrow! So there are days like that 🙂 Actually, you should be proud of yourself because no matter what mistake you make initially, your final abstract pieces turn out fantastic! Thanks God for gesso and acrylics! 😀

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    1. Thanks Charlie! I’ve fallen in love with WC again, thanks to you. ❤️ Not sure it’s in love with me, or ever will be, but I’m growing in confidence with it, and that may be half the battle. Thanks for your constant encouragement. And for WWM, without which, I’d have never done this challenge! 💜💜💜


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