Watercolor Doodle (World Watercolor Month, 21/31)

I don’t think this one is finished yet, but I like how it looks so far. I keep wanting to see the word “fly” in here, and so I’m thinking I may add those letters in the light blue areas.    This is roughly 5 1/2″ by 6 1/2″ on Arches 140-lb. cold-press paper:


I used only two colors on this one:   M. Graham Phthalo Blue and Aureolin/Azo Yellow.    I have fallen deeply in love with Phthalo and Prussian Blue!    As wonderful as Ultramarine Blue is with the granulation and the wonderful darks that can be made with it, I’m loving even brighter and deeper blues right now.    And I just love watching Phthalo Blue move around in water on the page.    Does anyone else like watching these colors run around in water, or is it just me?      (Note:   As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from these links help support my site, and a fledgling art business.   Enjoy free shipping on orders of $35 or more through this Friday, and thank you!)

I hope everyone can smell the weekend round about now.   🙂    Peace.

46 thoughts on “Watercolor Doodle (World Watercolor Month, 21/31)

  1. Oh Loo – It’s like waves and wind and earth and sky. Oh I love it! My eyes just want to keep following it and enjoying! I really really am enjoying this one. I tried a geometric pattern last evening. It was sooooo relaxing, and I do LOVE watching the colors move. Then I salted and spritzed and splattered – LOL – Oh dear – likely a big ole’ mess – but how fun it was! I would call this one of yours earth and sky. I see such BEAUTIFUL soft puffy cloudy skies tumbling between earth and sky through window panes. Oh I want to keep looking and looking at it. Crazy! Crazy good! 🙂 ❤

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    1. I love that name, Jodi; so perfect. Laughing at your comment re the splattering and that, it is just too much fun to stop sometimes, isn’t it? I’ve learned to take “before” photos if I feel I’m about to go too far, so I can post it before the destroying happened lol! I’m so glad you’re finding it relaxing too! Can’t wait to see! I really love the feelings this painting evoked for you. The most fun about abstracts is what the viewer brings to the piece. Hearing what you see is the best part, for me. Glad you shared! 💛💛💛

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  2. You know that I love those swirling colors, I think that I am a watercolor addicts because of it! I have had Prussian Blue in the past and I remember how rich it was. I need to look into that, I love granulating colors, yummy! There is some activity going on with your painting, I wonder where you will be taking it next….or where would ‘it’ being taking you! that’s my baby….watercolor!

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            1. You’re very kind – it is a lot more fun than I thought but limiting the palette is a big help. If I was doing a triad it would be harder not to make mud. I like the water flowing freely so I limit and it seems to help me create, also. With acrylics, I go into a color frenzy but I think next acrylic I do will be 2-3 colors. Do you usually limit your paintings to just a few colors?

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              1. I do limit my colours, but it is usually down to laziness, I have two WC palettes, with all my colours ( they are both air tight with lids) I only ever grab one, and then I only use one section, Tarmac terry Harrison, yellow ocre, burnt sienna, sepia, payees grey, sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, Naples yellow…..they are my main go to colours, but I only use three at one time I also love potters pink, davy’s grey and some DS greens, but as they don’t feature much in the animal I use very little…..I should challenge myself to use many of the others I have in the other palette, I can’t even remember them, more bright vibrant tones. I like using them on the whacky hares….weekend may see a purple and orange hare ( a patient loves these two colours so I might get around to creating her perfect hare)
                Have you tried granulation medium, it might suit you for your WC abstracts….also try dropping in some metallic medium, or liquid acrylic metallics….failing that FW metallic inks in watercolour are gorgeous( when lovely and wet they spread and twinkle beautiful)! Oh and salt….I use silk painters salt, it works better than the normal salt. Spray bleach ( although it would not have archival value, it is fun to see the effects) oh one last fun effect I love is the old cling film….I keep meaning to re visit this effect. I think they could all work well with abstract effects.

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                1. Rebecca, you should write a book! So much great advice always, I should be copying and pasting these gems into a Word doc or something. Oh and I hope you make a purple and orange hare, it would be wonderful! You can do magic with these animals, no matter what colors you use they look so natural and real! I’ve not tried granulation medium, but I’ve thought about it! I appreciate you reminding me about it. And I love the idea of metallic acrylics in watercolor, I bet that would be amazing. Ooh, I may have to add that to the painting I’m posting tomorrow – I’m not calling it done yet, but didn’t wanna miss a day, as I’ve made it this far lol. ❤ Can't wait to see that hare!

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                  1. When I started gabbling out all those ideas, it was almost a reminder to myself, like verbal diarrhoea….I had them stored way up high in my hidden brain, and then….all those wonderful things I had tried just once or twice came bounding out, problem is I know want to do them all at once together, could end up a muddy mess, and it all started with the granulation medium, lol….I am sure you are the same, having tried them all once or twice? The other one I have not used before is flow medium…I think it’s called, oh and gum Arabic, I don’t really understand that one, or why and when it should/ could be used…..can’t sleep, so definitely have written blog chat diarrhoea right now, sorry about that 😉


  3. I love how you’ve created a sense of movement with the twirling line, which also serves to connect the different frames/panels and move the eye through the work.

    The flip flopping of the colors creates a rhyrhm and your color choices makes the rhythm feel peaceful and soft.

    Was this more grid experimentation?

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    1. Thank you, Jesse, what a wonderful analysis! Much appreciated, I.S. (hehe) Yes, I’m experimenting now with grids and geometrics, just wanting to test my wings a bit in a few areas and see how they fly, so to speak. I do feel like this needs something else to really complete it, and other than the letters F-L-Y, I’ve not settled on anything. I do want to add something, but I don’t want to mess it up…….maybe I need to sleep on it some more. If you had any suggestions, I’d love to hear.

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      1. Did you ever come up with anything for this one?

        I know the feeling, sometimes you get the feeling like you have to make a move, but you’re unsure what move to make. It feels so balanced, whatever you decide to do, it will have to be either a small delicate thing so as not to unbalance the image or something heavier so it in itself balances against the image as a whole.

        Kinda like this…

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