Modified Geometric Abstract (World Watercolor Month, 25/31)

Boy, working in watercolor every day this month has been quite a journey! I’m definitely enjoying it more than I thought I would, so it’s been a pleasant surprise. This is 5 3/4″ x 8 1/8″ on Arches 300 lb. cold-press watercolor paper:


This one began by painting clear water in random criss-crossing lines on the paper, and then dropping in M. Graham watercolors in Phthalo and Prussian Blue, Quin Gold, and Quin Rose, and allowing the colors to mingle and dance.    (The Quin Gold makes the most gorgeous greens when allowed to mingle with those blues.)   The (now) multi-colored lines looked cool, but they needed a focal point, which is where the red areas came in.   M. Graham Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Quin Violet came in to play here in addition to the other colors, and I finally added a touch of Winsor Orange (a nice, mid value transparent orange) per Hub’s advice (good call, I thought) to those areas at the end.  (Note to my fellow art supply fans:  Enjoy free shipping at Blick Art Materials with orders of $45 or more through midnight Central time on Tuesday 7/26.   Your purchases help support my site and a fledgling art business.   Thank you!)

I dry-brushed Liquitex gesso in here and there, then went back in with the original blues and a bit of M. Graham Viridian green to round out the background.   It still feels geometric to me, but more like the impressionistic version(?) compared to some of the other hard-line geometrics I’ve painted recently.     This is definitely more my style, although I’m looking forward to experimenting more with geometric and grid compositions.

I would love to know what, if anything, you see in this painting.    Sometimes, that is the best part:   hearing what you, the viewer, bring to the piece.    I thank you for stopping by and taking a look, and I hope you all have a peaceful and productive week!


72 thoughts on “Modified Geometric Abstract (World Watercolor Month, 25/31)

    1. Thanks so much, Steven, I was def. going for flowers, but I never know what a viewer will bring to a piece. Glad you enjoyed it. I do think I need to lift off the darkness in a few of these flowers for better balance, but time didn’t allow last night. Appreciate your feedback!

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  1. When I saw your painting it reminded me of a plant divider my Mother used to have in our ancestral home, separating the dining area from the living room. She would change the flowery plants every 3-4 days depending on the humidity. I agree with Steven, that red is absolutely striking and yes….signifies roses.

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca, that is the effect I was going for, glad it translated – I am thinking about lifting the darks out of 2 or 3 of these, maybe more, I do feel it may be a bit too dark here and there and I don’t want a uniform dark value in all five. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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    1. Michael, you just made my morning! Thank you! I was pleased with it, but often the ones I really like most don’t really get the love here hehe. Question: Do you think they are all five too uniform in value? I was thinking of lightening a few of them? What do you think?

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      1. Thanks, Laura. I think that as you have a dappled background, and a fairly light one at that, having stronger ‘flowers’ looks great. Looking at the picture closely there’s a lot going on in those flower heads anyway. If I’d painted this I’d be happy with it exactly as it stands. Terrific!

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    1. Thanks, Kerfe, I was going for flowers, so I’m glad it translated. Didn’t have a specific flower in mind but I guess the color is definitely bringing roses to mind. So glad you like this one. The “grid” lines in watercolor & gesso around the flowers really helped with the dimension, I think.

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  2. Love this! you are back! I really love it but perhaps you need unity? I love your abstract I think roses, right? but I can see that orange/yellow lightly uniting across your sections to pull them somewhat together… other words, I think that they are all lonely and need some orange to perk them all up! lol I know I speak a whole another language at times. Find the “heart” of your image and go from there. 🙂 Oh, I love your abstracts!

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! You always make me feel great. I actually did go back and put a Winsor Orange in at the end in all of them but then it looked a bit strange to have it in all five and so I lifted it out of 1 or 2, as I recall. I do feel like they need a little spark in those centers, though, and wondering if maybe a little Neocolor would work, because as “crayons” they also add texture to a piece. Not sure, but this one was so much fun to create; it was one of those that just breathed out of the ether when I thought nothing decent really would. I think I’m going to make a series of these and I’d like to put them for sale, when I open my shop. This feels so much like a quilt to me. But so much easier to paint it than to sew it!

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        1. I’ve been thinking about opening an Etsy shop for some time; have you ever thought about it? Jodi seems to do well with hers. I know there is a lot of social media promotion involved, which is why I tend to shy away lol……but I would really like to, yes.

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          1. ah….I need to check Jodi’s Etsy shop out, I would like to promote without seeming to be so “in your face, pushy”. I didn’t realize Jodi has one and she is certainly not pushy, so she might be the way for me to understand how to get started. One of my favorite pastel artists…..Karen Margulis sells her originals without being framed and she seems to do well, of course she is well known. I always wondered how does one sell pastels outside of the frame because they are fragile…..she does it and it gives me hope. So, when will you be doing this? I can totally see you selling your art, believe me, you can and you will.

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            1. I wonder about the pushy side too – I hate having to mention Blick in every one of my posts now, but I am required to disclose I am a “compensated affiliate” due to a federal law. So if I link to one of their products, I have to do it. The question when to open – is a great one because I started thinking about this about a year ago. I’d like it to open in the next month or so, but I know nothing about the interface. And I think it’s very hard to be found there too. Would have to promote it here, because I don’t have much of a presence anywhere else. As you can see, I’m ambivalent. 🙂

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              1. Ah….maybe if you get serious and I get serious, we can wade in “arm in arm”? lol we’ll see how serious I really am….I don’t see you mentioning the Dick Blick affiliate as pushy, not at all, just a tag-along with your posting. It doesn’t deter me or put me off.


                1. That sounds like a plan, Margaret! Definitely something to explore and there are tons of books about Etsy and online marketing for artists, which you probably have already seen/know about. And I’m glad to hear that about DB, it was and is a big concern for me.

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  3. Laura, really, really hope you are pleased and happy with this. This is probably my fav. now of all your art works!
    torn edges, white space, excellent LMD ratios, gorgeous placements of shapes, great tones, and the deep dark reds were very well designed.
    This is a Keeper!! 9(LL)9 3d

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    1. Thank you, Debi! Yes, I do like this one. When I open my shop, this will be posted for sale. I’d like to do a series and I’m thinking orange flowers with blue background for the next. Thanks for popping in! I hope you’re having fun! 💜💜💜 ((((3d))))

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      1. Thats Good Laura! its a good one, thats for sure and will make great prints, postcards, iphone covers, bags, etc!! I really love it.
        its been marathon drives around here- no computer time! just finished a 1500 km drive, in under 3 days.

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