Yo, Gesso! (World Watercolor Month, 27/31)

It was one of those days with Lady Watercolor; the lady doth stomp on the toesies at times.   Some days, she leaves bruises.     Ah well….


Thank God for gesso and its ability to “white out” the situation and bring it under control. I have enjoyed this month of watercolor, but my lovely acrylic paints are calling me…….and I will most likely be riding off into the sunset with my other beau come the end of the month.   Oh, and pencils, pens, and all manner of other pointy things besides!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and I wonder how many “little me”s are out there praying for the cool, refreshing breezes of autumn. Only one big bad hot month to go, y’all! Peace.

53 thoughts on “Yo, Gesso! (World Watercolor Month, 27/31)

  1. Great use of gesso Laura, I only ever think of using it for under painting. I must admit, although loving the watercolour, I am in need of other product usage, before I forget what I have, inks, pencils, and the fab oils ( I have a great big horse waiting to be finishes πŸ˜€)

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        1. I hope you revive soon, Rebecca, and boy, you and me both re: something different. I can’t wait! Ampersand sent me a free sample of their Pastelbord and I’m dying to have a go with it. I don’t feel I’m any good with pastels but I was thinking of trying an abstract….

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          1. I crack up every time I say this but….it is a dry heat and that makes a world of difference. But yes, I am not fond of hot. My favorite season is fall.

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              1. October starts cooling off and gets in the mid seventies then it gets progressively colder so that by November highs in the sixties and December in the 50’s maybe?

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          2. I went to Georgia once during the summer for a few days…that is a wet heat. I thought I was gonna die there. It was like trying to breath under water! I thought it was raining when I got off the plane. NO!!!!! Wisconsin didn’t seem much better.

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  2. Wow, gesso center stage! I see stairs, diamonds, a pattern….no two patterns, a frame and wild colors waiting to burst and occupy! πŸ˜€ So many things going on with just a flick of gesso magic wand! SUPER!

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  3. Hahaha… You doing so well with watercolors that I think we should extend the month to August! Seriously, I love how you always manage to save the day with combinations with acrylics and gesso. One cannot see any mistakes or traces of suffering in your paintings – they look great!

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