Geometric Abstract Call to Autumn in Watercolor and Acrylic (World Watercolor Month, 29/31)

I follow a few quilter’s blogs, and one of my very favorites is Tierney’s at Tierney Creates.    She showed us some quilt blocks and projects she is working on in a recent post, and suddenly I had my inspiration for today’s painting:   I would paint my own quilt block!   And I would call refreshing autumn breezes and gorgeous leaves to mind as I paint.   This is roughly 5 x 8″ on Arches 140-lb. cold-press paper:

I do enjoy working in watercolor, but I’ve been missing my lovely Golden acrylic paints a whole lot here lately.    Color that glows from within, easy to apply, dries quickly or slowly depending upon what you mix it with, and whose vibrant opacity covers a multitude of issues…what’s not to love?    I even got some metallic copper in there, oh, it is so much fun!    Once I got the initial watercolor wash in, I wasn’t really happy with all of the color choices I’d made, so I turned to my friendly Golden acrylics in hansa yellow medium, quinacridone magenta, quinacridone burnt orange and Golden acrylic glazing liquid to turn these paints into a glaze that I could use over large areas to help unify my painting.   (As a Blick Art Materials affiliate, purchases from these links help support my site.   Enjoy Free Shipping until 11:59 pm Central time on Friday 7/29, and thank you!)

Well, the weekend is almost here and I hope you make the time to do a few things you really enjoy this weekend.   Savor the moments!    Peace.


52 thoughts on “Geometric Abstract Call to Autumn in Watercolor and Acrylic (World Watercolor Month, 29/31)

  1. Oh I love your pattern, Laura! ❤ ❤ ❤ Your painting reminded me of my grandmother who used to mimic quilting with fabric clippings, cuts them into perfect squares and sews them together and puts a cotton fabric as backing. She had made bed covers from these clippings and school bags for us. 😀

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  2. What a beautiful quilt block. such a great idea for abstract inspiration. I know how much you love Fall and this sings of it for you! 🙂 Happy Friday Loo!!!!

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    1. Yay, I hope you do it, Sharon! You are so right; inspiration is everywhere. I do think we need to open our eyes a little wider at some times to take it all in, but it is always there, sometimes in the pattern of a shadow from a tree. Literally it is all around us. Thanks, sweet friend. ❤ Hippety hop!

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  3. (Fainted) Oh my goodness – that is an awesome piece and I am so honored I provided some inspiration! That is a gorgeous use of color in your painted quilt block! Love it!!!!


  4. LOVE! this is one of my favorites for some reason….and I really appreciate the fact that you didn’t make it all nice and straight, it gives it some life and whimsy….I started out as a quilter and once I learned how to draw to design my own quilts, I left quilting behind and became an artist…so this “block” reminded me of that. 🙂 do more! I say…..humbly

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