Grids on Grids with Golden Molding Paste (Acrylic August, 4/31)

Oh, I’m addicted to texture products! It took me awhile to understand what gel mediums do, what texture mediums do, and how the different paint formulations behave….I guess now that I understand, I want to keep experimenting!    If you’d like more information about this too, I can highly recommend Chris Cozen’s videos on Artists Network TV, as well as her books.   Also, Nancy Reyner has a terrific book called “Acrylic Revolution” that I believe Jill from Jill’s Art Journal told me about.  Jill, you nailed it; it’s a wonderful book, with lots of techniques and great illustrations too!   Chris and Nancy are both Golden working artists and educators, and they know their stuff.


This is another painting do-over.    It was a texture experiment gone wrong on a 5″ x 5″ Ampersand Gessobord and so I needed even more texture to wipe the slate clean, so to speak.   I spread a layer of Golden molding paste on the painting first.    This product dries opaque, leaving no show through from the painting underneath.     Next, I embedded a scrap of 1/2″ grid hardware cloth from Hub’s wood shop into the painting, lifted it up, and then turned it and impressed it again.   This gave me all of those great texture lines.

After it dried (several hours), I dripped some Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay India ink in, sprayed it with water, and moved the painting around, allowing the ink to follow those grid lines, highlighting them.  Where the ink was a bit too strong or became soupy, I sopped it up (on paper towels I will save, thanks to Kerfe’s great inspiring post yesterday), and wound up refining with some Golden fluid acrylic paints.   I think I may have gone a bit too far with Quinacridone Burnt Orange, but I can always go back, add Titanium White, which is very opaque, and have another go with the colors.   Or I may leave it as is.   What do you think?

Blick’s Free Shipping offer for orders of $45 or more is extended through 11:59pm Pacific Time tomorrow, for anyone interested.   Purchases from these links support my site.   I hope we are all having fun with our art supplies.    For too long, I saved them and didn’t want to run out.   So I rarely used them.   Boy, that is just not part of my vocabulary anymore.    Art supplies are the jungle gym and the art world is a playground, and I am gonna enjoy it.    How about you?   I can smell the weekend!    Happy Thursday!  Peace.


66 thoughts on “Grids on Grids with Golden Molding Paste (Acrylic August, 4/31)

    1. Also – this is the griddish thing I was talking about the other day, raided my husband’s workshop and came away with such great texture stuff. I just love it when I can use something and give it a whole new look without having to buy stuff. And I can cut this stuff too, and make my own patterns of grids. It’s pretty darned cheap, as art supplies go and he uses it to make bird feeders. He makes the holes small so little birds can come in and out but the blue jays and hoggish birds can’t. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It’s the Golden glow! So glad you like this. I’ll have to get away from it for awhile, it had an incantation that I really liked that was weathered white and blues and greens, really a beachy feel, but then I added copper fine and couldn’t resist quin burnt orange after that to punch it up a bit…….but liked it best before. I’m glad it’s getting a good response, as I thought I’d gone too far with it. 💜

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    1. Lol thanks Carrie! I’m really glad it’s getting a good response, I think I’m remembering it when it was mostly blues greens and white with just a touch of copper. I thought the quin burnt orange put it overboard a bit, but maybe not. Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated. I was really happy to find something from my husbands workshop I could use to make something cool with a grid composition. 💜

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      1. Finding treasures at home is a great activity to do. You might discover a treasure box with a lot of tools you alone have. They will help you make more magic and make colors dance like ballet dancers. I am a fan of loud bold vibrant colors as compared to muted ones. So please keep them coming and in bigger sizes. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

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  1. It is absolutely STUNNING! I would no remove any of the orange. I like it! The hours it must take you to patiently produce a piece like this – right? Mainly waiting stages for drying of molding pastes etc? Absolutely amazing! Blown away again!

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    1. Thanks Jodi! So glad you like it! The key was that hardware cloth, I swear. So many great lines, effortless!!! I try to work in stages with lots of pieces when using these texture mediums. I don’t have the patience God gave a flea, would wind up painting wet molding paste lol! Really glad you like this!! 💜💜💜💜💜

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  2. Oh I love the orange, it is a wonderful complement/contrast against your green and blues…..I would leave it. I love this and I think with you working on fails, somehow you are making them more complex which gives them depth, seems to be working for you!

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    1. Thanks, M. I do think that is the ticket, def. gives depth, some are harder to save than others lol. But this one was easy once I decided I needed a clean slate. Up til then, I was going uphill. Glad you like it! It was fun using the hardware cloth! And the cool thing is you can cut windows out of that, really make any pattern you want with the wire cutters. Even metal letters. It’s pretty cool. And galvanized, bonus!

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      1. hehe….mad scientist at work, you need some orange cones around you when you create! 🙂 I have resisted to go do some art while my grandson is watching a show…, it was hard but I managed to resist. Plus my art room has been cleaned up and things put away while he is here, so it was easy to resist. 🙂

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              1. oh! duh! I see what you mean, he sat for a while but kept moving which is fine but…..I had more fun drawing him and then I moved onto drawing my coffee cup and then I got to thinking….I miss drawing! I haven’t really spent much time drawing now that I am always painting. So I will be drawing more now. I got all inspired…which is fun. I love charcoal and hope to get back into that. I do have figure drawing group that I drew with for years but got burned out having part of my Saturdays away from my home and routine….not ready to give it up yet but at least I am inspired to get back into drawing. 🙂

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                1. Yay for drawing! Oh and I understand what you mean about the Saturdays. I need to do more things like that too. I’m a happy homebody lol but I could use a little more balance in that area. I owe you a GR message too, haven’t forgotten you big sis. I hope you’ll share your drawings when you have time/feel like it. 💜

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  3. WOWZA! Love the grid pattern in it and your colors are gorgeous!! Looks almost metallic to me! 💙🎨💜 Glad you found Nancy’s book helpful and I appreciate you mentioning me! 😄 I think I will put in an order to try those India inks from Dick Blick! I like your idea of using them in spray bottles. I did a little experimenting myself with my Gelli printing that I will post on Saturday. And so would love to try the inks on the Gelli plate! 🎨😍

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    1. I think you’ll love them, Jill, because you love bold and vibrant colors. Never thought about Gelli printing with them but I bet that’ll be great too! Great idea! That Quinacridone Burnt Orange does have a bit of a metallic feel to it, esp. when you can fade it out against the white. Over to the left and right though, that’s all it is but I did add some Iridescent Copper Fine fluid acrylic toward the center – just a touch. And a touch of Iridescent Gold fine too. I just love a bit of metallic in the mix! ❤ PS Thanks for the Wowza! (((((Jill)))))

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  4. This is awesome! 😀 I’m loving the way the colours ‘shimmer/ripple’ away from the centre – I wouldn’t change a thing about your choices. They work together wonderfully.

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    1. lol, Jeanette! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book too, and yay for the Golden A to Z set! Isn’t it the greatest thing ever???? Seriously. I just love it. May not have ever gone acrylic crazy if it weren’t for those paints! I had started with Liquitex Basics, which are nice, but no comparison to Golden IMO.


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