Graphite Bunny (100 Face Challenge, #70)

We have a pet wild bunny who escaped a run-in with a fox or some other predator. We’ve been leaving carrots and lettuce out for him daily, and he’s slowly learning to trust us, and plumping up nicely.     The reference image for this pencil sketch came from Brianna at Gold Hearts Blog; thank you, Brianna!     This was done in Faber-Castell 2B graphite pencil in my 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ Canson Universal sketch pad (which, IMO is the best bargain in sketchbooks out there for pencil and pen work at under $5 for 200 pages/100 sheets, and it even takes a light watercolor wash) (affiliate links):


Our cameras aren’t super high-tech, but I may be able to share a photo if one of us gets close enough to snap one.   Ours is a precious Eastern Cottontail rabbit.   So I’ve become a bit obsessed with rabbits lately, and hope to improve on them in the next couple of months.   Speaking of furry critters, I really need to give a shout out to Rebecca Evans at Rebecca Evans here on WP.   This link is to her Hares page, and she is a magnificent artist, rendering mostly animals and birds, but other subjects too, in all mediums:  oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, acrylics, mixed media, collage, 3-D art; you name it.    You owe it to yourself to check out her site.   Her horses are spectacular too, but honestly, everything she does is incredible.   If I were ever to render an animal, any animal, the way she can, I would consider myself “arrived”.

I’ve decided to take a break from news headlines, particularly those about small men embarrassing my country on an all-too-regular basis, take a step back, and set my mind on things that are above, and that will fill up my peace tank, like God, nature, birds, bunnies, sunsets, flowers, trees, and beauty, wherever it lies.   So, not a break from art, but a break from pretty much everything else.   I need to really clear some space for prayer, yoga and meditation, things that will relax me and bring me to a healthy and more balanced place.    You may see me here and you may not, but hopefully I’ll have a post for Draw A Bird Day on Monday, the 8th!   I’ll be doing a roundup post, as well, with links to everyone’s bird art about a week or so after the event.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and restful weekend.     Go make the world beautiful, people!   Please.   We need you.   🙂

68 thoughts on “Graphite Bunny (100 Face Challenge, #70)

  1. I enjoy your drawings. I agree the news is very redundant and just makes me angry. Life is too short for all this “Middle School”(where I worked for 25 yrs) Drama. Take me to my happy place and block out all else. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. I hope so too, and thank you. My husband has many flower gardens, but the food seems to keep him away from the flowers lol. :))) He has also gone out and given Lucky a stern talking-to when he starts nibbling at the blooms…..and oddly, he seems to understand and steps away. True story. ❤


  2. yes! forget about all those people that are in the news determined to make us look stupid….lol I prefer God’s nature, the river, birds and mediation, prayer…..yep…….my guns of defense! Love your bunny, the eyes are so sweet and sensitive….can’t wait to see what you will be doing next. I saw your post from yesterday but got pulled away.

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. I knew you’d understand. I really need to unplug and take a break from the circus. I just … feel sad when I hear such ignorance and … I won’t say anymore about it. I need to break away and definitely Bunny More and News Less. lol ❤ Glad you like my little bunny. I will be hanging out in nature as the heat allows, sketching, reading, relaxing this week. I really need it. My anxiety level was getting much too high. Thanks again.

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        1. I recently found the PBS News Hour – we listen to classical music over dinner and it runs from 7-8pm Eastern time. I find it a fair and balanced report. Pretty much all TV stations are skewed one way or another. I think Fox is one of the worst, but there are others, no doubt about it. Good for you that you’ve made some changes to make life a little more sane. ❤

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      1. I’m not one we listens to the news or reads too much of the newspaper as it really upsets me. My hubby does and he tells me a lot about what’s going on. I think that art and blogging help me to see and share joy. It helps me see the goodness in life. Does that answer your question? 😊

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  3. Good for you, Laura!! I’m on the same page as you, blocking out the negative and focusing on the Beautiful. The world will do what it will do and I do not have to focus my eyes on it. I’ll be in my own world, thank you!! Beautiful drawing of the bunny. I wish I could draw like that. *sighs* My hand wants to draw but when it does, grrrrr ….. nope. I’ll enjoy through you, OK???? Happy weekend!! ❤

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    1. Thanks, AmyRose! I’m glad you like my bunny. He is so sweet, visits us many times a day, and he is just darling. I could never draw, my whole life, even four years of H.S. art, never could draw until I dug in my heels after 45 and said I WILL do it. You have that determination too, you’ve proven it to yourself oodles of times. It’s all about digging in your heels. But when you have so many other gifts, I sure understand picking and choosing where to dig your heels in! (((Amy)))

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  4. Oh yes, he is adorable Laura, you have got it right on the twitchy nose…..I can’t say ‘nailed it ‘to a bunny, they are just too cute…but you know I love them….I do hope you catch your visiting bunny, for his sake, do you know of anyone with a humane trap? Thank you so much for the links ❤️❤️❤️❤️…too poorly last night to paint, so no donkey appeared, maybe tonight if my back stops hurting and I can sit down??

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    1. I hope you feel better soon. He has actually heeled up really well, and it didn’t take long at all, I was contemplating taking him to a wildlife rehab person and then next time I caught him in the binoculars, he was looking great. I’m glad we didn’t have to take him away, we would miss him horribly, and he is so happy sleeping in our garden out by where Penny & Prancer are buried. ❤

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  5. Beautiful bunny and good thoughTs on news and peaceful activities. Ironically I’ve written tomorrow’s post about the peace I’ve found in wc art. And I can’t wait to share my bird !

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  6. I always love your drawings, Laura – what a ridiculously cute little bunny! I want one! And how sweet that you’ve a new friend, too.

    Your plan sounds like a wise one. Enjoy the break!

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  7. Love your rabbit! And thanks for introducing us to Rebecca, her paintings are really amazing! You do a good job taking a news break – I can only recommend it. The world is so upsetting these days, and we can´t do anything about it, that´s the worst. But what we can do is save ourselves from getting sad or even depressed. Have a wonderful day, Laura!!! 🌞

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        1. Thanks for saying so. I’m a long way, but making the journey 🙂 Not so much lately tho, bit of a dry spell and praying for an early autumn. I’ve been thinking about you Dawn, when’s your festival?? How are you coming along with preparations?


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