Draw a Bird Day, August issue! (100 Face Challenge, #71)

I want to once again thank our friend Michael Emberson at A-Wing and A-Way for letting us know about the annual Draw A Bird Day celebration, which happens April 8 each year. We’ve been celebrating with bird art on the eighth of every month since!     I also want to thank Kathy at Backyard Bird Nerd for this tremendous bluebird reference image.    Kathy regularly shares amazing shots of birds, blooms, butterflies, you name it, even poetry on her blog here on WP.   Please check her site out, if you haven’t already.

080816 2

I grabbed a few quick minutes with a pen from the office (the Signo 207 by Uniball used to be water soluble, so have a try if you have one of the old ones, it’s great fun) and my Strathmore Visual Watercolor journal.   This journal is a great one to choose if you’ve always thought you’d like to try watercolor.   It is very inexpensive at $5.29, and you can pick up a really nice starter travel palette, which includes a brush, 12 colors, and 3 mixing wells for under $15.    This is pretty much all you need to begin watercolor sketching, and this time of year is a perfect time to get started! (affiliate links)

FYI, Blick Art Materials is offering Free Shipping for all orders of $35 or more through 11:59 Pacific Time this Friday, August 12!

I’ll be posting a roundup with links to all of the artwork of everyone participating in August’s Draw a Bird Day celebration in about a week.    If you’d like your artwork to be included, please post a link to your work in the comments below.    Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week everyone.    Peace.

126 thoughts on “Draw a Bird Day, August issue! (100 Face Challenge, #71)

    1. Thank you, Carrie! Much appreciated. I was glad I had painted this a couple of months ago and never posted it, because nothing I did yesterday turned out. I need to get back to drawing daily again, makes a big difference. Glad you like this one, it’s the one that made me realize that a pen can actually be a watercolor tool. Was nice to learn this that night. 💙

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      1. You’re welcome. Have not heard about the pen you used. I’ll see if its available in our local bookstore but I doubt it. Its a bit challenging to set art dates with all the different artworks we want to do. If only we can do all of them simultaneously and never loose focus, that will be so awesome!

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to share this sweet, precious little bluebird. Sorry you had a bad day drawing yesterday, but the good thing is you decided to share this work of art that shines with your love! Glad to know even the “greats” like you 🙂 have bad days drawing and painting too. Makes me not feel so bad when I do! 🙂

    Here’s a link to my #drawabirdday: https://lifeinbetween.me/2016/08/08/pink-flamingo/

    Is it Friday yet?! 🙂

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    1. Friday (and the end of August) can’t come soon enough, right? OK, thanks for your kind words but I am definitely not one of the greats! Wow, the last two DABD’s, I’ve been having trouble drawing birds. I seem to be ok when I’m not under pressure tho, lol. I have drawn them more than anything else, but I think we all have bad art days. ❤

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      1. You are “one of the greats” to me – so just accept it ArtistaSista! Pressure sure makes a difference eh!? A friend liked my art so asked me to paint her dog who just passed away! YIKES! A black dog no less. How sweet of Rebecca to offer me some tips. Guess what?! I ordred a box of pastels! Oh My Goodness – what am I doing Artinista Mentor!!??? LOL!

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            1. Yes I did but it took awhile. I don’t blame you one bit for ordering from Amazon. You’d be silly not to, with all the machinations you go through to make sure I get credit for your orders. Particularly if price was the same! I hope you enjoy the pastels. I may return mine to Blick lol. Double whammy for them lol! Are you going abstract or realistic? Or do you know? Did you go with soft pastels or oil? Oh, so many mediums!

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              1. I’m sorry to hear – but I have to admit it made me laugh – lol – “plucky as hell!” 🙂 Feeling a bit that way myself after a couple of really long work days! Finally unwinding. Why only 5 hours of sleep? Autumn is just around the bend! Hang in there!!! xo

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                    1. Very odd – but what a JOY it was to go back and read all of the lovely comments I missed! Made my day!!! ❤ So all good in the end. THANK YOU! I was thinking you weren't around or reading.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca, yeah it took the pressure off for some reason, maybe because it started with something pointy instead of hairy. ❤

      I did get about 5 yards from the bunny today and trying to sketch from afar. They are so gorgeous; just love them. Would love to be able to capture them like you do.


    1. Thanks so much for the link, Jill! The last two months, I’ve not been able to draw a bird the night before the 8th…..run into a mental block or something, had to dig this one up from the end of June! It’s much better when there’s no pressure hehe. ❤ Really glad you like him. He was fun, using the pen was helpful, gives more control and makes me feel a little more comfortable than using a brush and paint.

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  2. Laura, my apologies for the late response. Jenn and I were away on vacation but are back now. It looks as if you’ve put together another successful monthly DAB Day! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer!

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        1. Oh, I don’t mind. I wish it away every year lol. It makes me feel so sluggish and out of sorts. I never complain about the cold though, only the year we had three blizzards within weeks, that was just too much. I can tolerate the cold much better. But fall is the best and I look forward to it with big smiles. 😀

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  3. Oh no, I missed Draw-A-Bird-Day… 😳 But I just added the September issue to my timer – that way I can hopefully take part next time! Love your little bluebird here, it´s so nice! Your brush strokes are so confident by now, that´s so nice to see. And it´s amazing again that with only some brush strokes you can create such wonderful things! 💙

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    1. Hi Ann, thanks! This started with a pen that turned out to be water-soluble, which made it much easier for me. I’m glad you’ll be joining us next month. I hope all is well with you. I’ve hit a bit of a dry spell and the heat and humidity make me feel like a slug but cooler weather is coming! Glad you stopped by. 💜💜💜

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  4. Beautiful bluebird, Laura :-). I love the lighter shades of blue you created with the soluble ink. I hope the weather has gotten a little more comfortable where you are. Where I am, we never got a hot spell this summer, which was weird, and I did miss it a bit, but not much! August was super busy for me and I went on vacation so I missed DABD. But I will try for September.

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    1. Hi, thanks Myriam. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been busy with work deadlines and life getting in the way but hope to have time to blog sporadically here and there soonish. I need to find a balance between daily blogging and no blogging at all……not easy for me. I hope you had a nice summer. We are back in the 90s and I can’t wait to kiss the heat and humidity goodbye and welcome autumn! 🍁🍂🌻

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