Rose garden, outdoor fun!

We had a bunch of beautiful roses on the pink bush the other day, in all stages of flowering.


So I sketched a few in my art journal the other night, outdoors, and then painted them inside, with my travel palette.   Roses are a big challenge, but I think I’m starting to get a feel for them, anyway.   Only way to get better is to keep having a go!

We are warming up for the dance tomorrow. Might as well dance today! Peace.

Floral Felicity

I’m really enjoying florals as subjects right now; they’re so cheery and full of joy.   I recently painted these from a little bouquet Hub gathered together for me.   The one thing I will miss about summer is having lots of fresh flowers in the gardens ready to be painted!


The rose in the vase was done first with one of those Neocolor II water-soluble crayons I mentioned the other day, and then I added a bit of watercolor paint from my Cotman travel palette.   The top left rose was a different view of the rose in ink and watercolor.   Ignore that cosmos flower on the bottom, that was a color experiment gone horribly wrong.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and are looking forward to some cool, crisp air.   And weenie roasts!   Lots of those to come, too.   Peace.

Rough & Ready Roses?

Each of the top four roses was done with a different Inktense pencil, then liquified.


The bottom rose was permanent inked and then I added watercolor from my travel palette. Roses are much harder than marigolds. But I do enjoy the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I have a pretty sick kitty on my hands (kidney problems), and so if I miss a post here and there, or don’t get a chance to comment on your posts….you’ll know why.  Prayers appreciated! Peace and happy Friday eve to all!

Marigold Study

….and more playing with the Stabilo point 88 water-soluble fineliner! The only one done in traditional waterproof pen and ink is in the lower right corner.   And only the yellow flowers have any watercolor paint in them.


I’m really enjoying the effects of these pens, and I’m finding that the lighter the touch with the clear water, the better. I might try a synthetic brush next time, too, as it would carry less water to the page.  These are really fun to do.

We’re halfway there, people! Might as well make merry! Peace.

Floral in Fineliner

I was watching a demonstration of an artist doing a pen and watercolor of a gorgeous building. Instead of using a waterproof pen for the initial drawing, she used one of these.

0818 1

Many people buy these and use them simply as pens. Not I, said the fly. These are water-soluble, making for beautiful effects once water is applied.  In today’s post, I used the brown pen for my drawing and went back in with a bit of water.    On the rose, I added a touch of red from my travel palette to the flower and a bit of green to the leaves.   In the vase and flowers (sorry it’s crooked, I do all my art journal stuff on my lap in front of the TV), I added water only.   And I actually love it with no other color at all.   What do you think?

0818 2

For the flowers in yesterday’s post, I drew them in pen, went back with water to blur the lines a bit – then once the ink dries, it is apparently set. Went back in with watercolor paint on top. The underdrawing didn’t move.   Just gave a very cool effect to the flower as a whole.

Just wanted to share this with all of you, since these pens are a steal at Blick and elsewhere. Maybe it’s just me – but I love the effect it gives! Peace and happy Tuesday to all of you. Enjoy!

Zippity doodah

0814 1

Another flower from Hub’s garden!   Or at least, my interpretation, with my Cotman travel palette, in my art journal.

He grows some cosmos flowers that have petals that look like little pitchers and some that have flat petals.    He brought me a little vase in that incorporated both.   I enjoyed inking these quickly and adding some color last night.   Above is mostly from the side and back of the flowers, and below, from the front.   Some were just beginning to open.

0814 2

And this is what happens when the rose from the night before has now fully opened……and one should be sleeping and not painting.   I’m going to call this impressionistic.   hehe :

0814 3

If the watercolor gods are smiling, I might have a cool watercolor rose interpretation featuring a fellow blogger’s photograph for tomorrow.   If the gods have turned their backs, I might just have a colored pencil one – or something else entirely instead!     Happy Friday to all!


I hope everyone isn’t getting tired of roses. I haven’t had time to sit down with my watercolor palette lately. So I improvised once again with my art journal and travel palette.   If anything can always use more practice, I figure roses is the thing!  😀


Speaking of which, to everyone who drew/painted a bird August 8th for the August version of Draw A Bird Day, I will be doing a recap post soon with a link to everyone’s artwork. Penny (our 16 year-old kitty) has been ill, and so it’s been a bit delayed, but I’m hoping this weekend I’ll be able to get that posted.

I hope you enjoyed my little painting, and are waiting with joyful expectation for the end of the week, as am I. Peace and happy creative moments to all!