Just a Poem for Mother’s Day


Normally I post a drawing, sketch, painting, or doodle every day….but this post from Jodi at Life in Between inspired me instead to post a poem I wrote for my daughter on Mother’s Day, 2007, when she was 16. I hope you enjoy it, and don’t miss Jodi’s post, too, if you have a minute.

“Reflections of My Daughter on Mother’s Day, 2007”

You started out as a tiny seed we planted
with hopeful prayers one Father’s Day
And, like a miracle,
you took root and grew
Sprouting into a pink, wriggling wonder –
ten fingers and toes and your dad’s perfect nose
Wide-eyed and expectant, with the whole world
and your whole life stretching before you.

My fragile little sprout
became a tender seedling,
A grinning, chubby face,
plump little arms outstretched,
Fists filled with smiling yellow dandelions,
or clover, fresh-picked,
And a crayoned picture sprinkled with
special stickers you saved just for me.

From an eager seedling, struggling for
light and independence,
You’ve blossomed into a strong, intelligent,
proud, and beautiful young woman,
Standing on her own ground,
ready to blaze a new trail
Into a future shining with fresh possibilities,
and brimming with the fruits of your efforts.

This Mother’s Day, I stand in awe,
beaming in the presence of my daughter.
I see my baby’s first smile, and
my toddler’s first steps.
I see my Kindergartener’s first day, and
my teenager’s first guitar solo.
I see your first breath,
and your first Homecoming dress.

My pride overflows.
I see your potential –
the possibilities,
the promise,
the hope.

I love you, A.
Happy Mother’s Day.