Abstract Fall Landscape

….from the Queen of Autumn *she says, as leaves swirl around*

0927I was playing with some new Neocolor II water-soluble crayons and my Cotman travel watercolor palette and conjured up this little scene, which brought some peace at the end of a looooong day.   Refreshing!   That’s what art is for me.    And oddly, doing a painting like this before bed can even help my sleep.   Weird, huh?

I hope you have a wonderful, crisp, colorful and creative Sunday.   Peace.

Zenning out at the Beach

Would you like to take a little vacation? Come with me…..


Can you hear the waves gently lapping and whispering? The gulls are softly calling. The sun is spreading warmth. Aahhh……

This is why I love painting these scenes! 😀 Every painting is a mini-vacation. More fun with Neo II crayons! I hope you enjoyed this little break in your morning. Happy Weekend to you!

Abstract Kitty Love

I’ve been doing tons of Penny-sketches lately, which has been slightly easier than normal with a kitty under the weather. They do move constantly, but a fraction less when they aren’t feeling so well.


I’ve grabbed a quiet moment here and there to sketch her with an Inktense pencil, and decided to paint this one with my Cotman travel palette later that night, adding a few whimsical interpretations that express my joy in sharing 16 years with my good old sassy girl.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday eve, some new dance moves …. and art supplies, too! (Kirk and Charlie, that was pour vous!)    Peace and paint puddles.

Blue Kitty

Abstract realism is feeling more and more like my little “place in the sun”, my home, in the world of arty goodness.


I sketched Penny the other night in my art journal in colored pencil, and decided to go back in with my Cotman travel palette and splash some paint around.    I thought you might enjoy this article from The Washington Post about how making art is the new meditation.    It certainly resonated with me!


*flinging art supplies to the far reaches of the planet*   Peace.

Abstract landscape

A quick mixed-media abstract landscape from last weekend out of my art journal. Brought to you by Inktense blocks, colored pencils (I think), watercolor paint and acrylic craft paint.


I’m reading a book that I’m hoping will help me to create more depth in my abstract work, working toward abstract realism.   “Abstract Art Painting:  Expressions in Mixed Media” by Debora Stewart was published earlier this year, and you can check out a preview of it at this link.   Debora is primarily a pastel painter, but I’m finding that her tips about how to pursue abstractions would apply to an artist working in any medium.

Happy Friday, and as always, thanks for your visits and comments.   Peace.

Free, flowing, flowery fun

A favorite YouTube video that I discovered last fall at the beginning of my creative journey is from Joanne Boon Thomas. In the video, Joanne shares her impressionistic, loose style as she paints poppies. I’ve tried a couple of times to paint poppies the way Joanne does, and I enjoyed it. This time though, I decided to take what I’ve learned from watching Joanne, and paint the flowers in a way that feels right to me.

“Poppies Standing Tall” 5×7″

I wanted to convey a feeling of light, of freedom, of the wind through the field flowing through my hand and my spirit as I painted. If I’ve succeeded in bringing light into your day today, then I’ll consider that I’ve accomplished something as an artist this time out. And I’ll hope for further expressions of this same kind of joy and freedom in future explorations of this delightful medium that I’ve grown to love so much.

Happy Saturday, and may you find time today for something that gives you the same feeling. Peace and light.