Adjust and correct watercolor paintings

I finally opened the shipment of watercolor paper I ordered back in April. (Oh, the lusciousness!)  And tried the 300# Arches cold press paper. (I may be in love.)


But, as happens when I don’t approach Lady Watercolor in a joyful, bouncy mood…..she quickly stomped on my dancing toes. But wait, I can rinse it under the sink! Yes, except those quinacridones I love so much are stainers. They don’t rinse. And a watercolor fail was soon born.   Enter Golden acrylics in Zinc White.

Zinc White is a NON-opaque acrylic white.    If you mix it with a touch of the color you’re trying to cover up/correct/blend, you can scrub it in over your dry watercolor painting, and it fades into the mist, as though you never made a correction at all.    And no white flags waving!   I should have taken a before and after photo.   I realize this painting may not inspire anyone to try this method.   But you should have seen it before.   Having given up on the watercolor, and not wanting to throw the paper away, I thought it would be fun to try painting in acrylic on watercolor paper.   (I loved it, by the way.)    So I went in with several hard swipes of magenta and quin violet acrylic, thinking I’d try one of my abstract grid paintings.    I was able to cover all of those lines, and swirl them right into the watercolor clouds I painted.   Without big honking white splotches in the middle of my sky.

As I said, this painting won’t be framed, but for me, it was an invaluable experiment in using acrylic non-opaque white to cover and correct a watercolor painting.   I’ve tried gouache; I’m not a fan.   Maybe you are, and if so, I’m glad it works for you.   What I like about this is the white can fade completely into the background, yet still cover up your hard edge, your bloom, whatever you’d like it to cover.   The more white you add, the white makes itself more obvious.   But if you like, you need see no white at all, just your beautiful clouds or whatever it is you’re painting.   That, to me, is a small miracle.    If you’re interested, this is the product I used, which is in Golden’s Open line (meaning the product stays workable on your palette for hours, even days, without drying up).   (As a Blick affiliate, purchases from this link will help to support my site.)

Getting ready for July’s World Watercolor Month, as initiated by our friend Charlie at Doodlewash!    I hope this sets someone free out there.    Enjoy your weekend, especially all the dads!   Peace.

Round and Round

Experimenting with magical molding paste, which covers a multitude of sins! This painting began as this piece, which I made during the summer. I was never really happy with it, so I decided to mix gesso with molding paste, cover it up, and see what else I could conjure.


After about a year of working with watercolor, I’m appreciating the properties of acrylic paint and its various mediums. I really like the idea that I can create a painting on a canvas, cover it all up and start again. This one may be covered up one day too! Nice to have that option. I’m finding watercolor paper is also a good substrate for acrylic work. Bonus!

Have a creatively fulfilling Sunday. Peace.

Painted Circles (and MM scraps)

I was experimenting with a technique I found on YouTube called painted circles.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with it, but I do think it has promise for another time.   When I was finished, I glued it into my humble Canson sketchbook and called it a night.


This is the result.   It’s acrylic paint, Neocolor II crayons, a torn book page (I hate to tear books, but this one was reallllly bad, so it was actually gratifying)….and that’s about it.    There’s some scraps from the painting I just cut up in there too. I’ve been in a “play with color” place lately, but I’ll be picking up my faces challenge again soon!

Enjoy your Tuesday. I hope you find time to play today. It’s good for you. Peace.

Abstract landscape

A quick mixed-media abstract landscape from last weekend out of my art journal. Brought to you by Inktense blocks, colored pencils (I think), watercolor paint and acrylic craft paint.


I’m reading a book that I’m hoping will help me to create more depth in my abstract work, working toward abstract realism.   “Abstract Art Painting:  Expressions in Mixed Media” by Debora Stewart was published earlier this year, and you can check out a preview of it at this link.   Debora is primarily a pastel painter, but I’m finding that her tips about how to pursue abstractions would apply to an artist working in any medium.

Happy Friday, and as always, thanks for your visits and comments.   Peace.


I tried to paint it.   With Inktense blocks and pencils!  My favorites!

0626 1

It didn’t work so well.   But at least I took pictures before I totally wrecked it!   All’s well that ends well, I guess.   There’s also acrylic paint and gesso in there somewhere.   I’ll save you the third stage photo, where it all went awry.  hehe.

0626 2

Happy Friday to All, and to All an Arty Weekend!  Peace.

Yo, Yellow!

When you need a lift, I can’t think of a color better than yellow to help you to see things from a brighter side. So I paged him to the front of the store, and happily (because Yellow is always happy), he responded.


He agreed to help me send smiles out to a few friends today. He gave Pinky Purple an early wakeup call (he wanted her up before the sun), and she groggily joined in.  So, I give you Yellow and Pinky Purple! Plus the ever popular white dots in gesso as an accompaniment. This was done in my 9 x 12″ Strathmore Visual Watercolor journal.  (Supplies included Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, acrylic tube paint, Derwent Inktense blocks, gesso, modeling paste, love, hugs, and warm thoughts.)

Happy Memorial Day Monday. We sure owe a lot to the men and women who fought for our freedom, my dad and brother being part of that proud circle. Love you, Dad. Nearly twenty years, and I miss you still!

Peace, hugs, and smiles to you all.

Vivacious Violet

Attempt #2 at mixed media art, this time on a small canvas. And with molding paste!

First was just a few colors of acrylic paint (bought at the same time as the original watercolor set, the $7 one from Wal-Mart, nothing fancy) smeared on the canvas

0522 1

Next, I added some white paint to tone it down a bit, trying to even out the lights and darks…

0522 2

Here, I added some molding paste through a stencil along with a couple of pieces of yellow fabric that I had dyed with one of my experiments around Easter.   Seemed to give it some needed spark, but the blue felt too blue to me.   Or the wrong shade of blue.  So I went in and touched that up with a very small brush and some violet acrylic.

0522 3

After purpling the blue at the bottom a bit, and adding a few dots to try and lead the eye around, and unify the piece a bit more, I was about to call it quits, at least for the night, just to see how it looked (and felt) after drying, since I’ve never worked with molding paste…

0522 4

and then I realized there were a few gobs of white acrylic paint left on my palette!  So, added a few more dots, this time in white, which I feel improved it a bit more…


Then I decided to let it dry for the night.

Now the question:  is it finished, or should I add more layer(s)?  Maybe I should let the painting tell me in the morning.  I’m curious what my artist friends would do.  I may just hang this in my “studio”, which is my daughter’s old room, now the library/craft room AKA sleeping cave, because it’s the quietest room in the house.   So much of A’s artwork is down there, it really gives the room an art-infused (and A-infused!) feeling, which is special.  So this might just go down there and join her artwork.  Or is it unfinished?  What do you all think?

Well, today is the day we’ve been waiting for!  I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Peace and blessings to all.  ❤

Draw a Bird Day reminder: Friday, May 8!


Thanks to A-Wing and A-Way letting so many of us know about Draw A Bird Day on April 8, many of us had fun drawing or painting birds on April 8.  Some drew a bird for the first time, and found it be lots of fun!  However, many people weren’t aware of the holiday until it was too late.  So, some of us decided it might be fun to make this a monthly event!   I also want to thank Squirrel Writer for helping to spread the word!

For my friends who may not be comfortable with drawing:  Do not let this sideline you, if you are interested in participating!  Anything goes:  Photographs, stories or poems about a bird, a little sculpture, a nature collage, you are only limited by your imagination.  I think what we’re trying to do here is open the cage door and let the birdies fly.  That’s us!  We all have wings, and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to open them.  Let the spirit move you as it will.

Friday, May 8 is a week from today, and I hope we can all make WordPress fly to celebrate our wing-ed friends.

Late Lace Lagoon Lily Love


 Woo!   It’s been a long day, and I couldn’t settle on just one L.



So I decided to roll out a whole pack of them, instead!



Hope you enjoy. 


All of the photos were taken late; I apologize for the shadows.   I’m experimenting with *surprise* Inktense pencils and Dye-na-Flow acrylics on lace and fabric.    I’m really pleased with what I’m seeing so far.   This birdie can’t wait to fly with these quilts!   Really looking forward to it.

The last two photos are on Strathmore watercolor cards (from Dick Blick, .33/card, including envelopes, which is what I usually use).    I was pleased with the color combination on the last one:   1200/sea blue, 1220/green aquamarine, with a touch of 1230/mallard green and 1300/teal. 

Who else is glad it’s Thursday?    Time to warm up thy tailfeathers, which shouldn’t be too hard with the 66 degrees they’re calling for.   I’ve been enjoying the spring this year, which is different from many years, in which we leap from winter direct to summer.    The 60s and 70s are great  :))) 

Thanks for visiting.   I hope to see you back here with what I’ve conjured up for M tomorrow.    Ooh, Mysterioussssssss….