Water, water

Water and skies are what I’m working on.   Rolling waves are something I’d love to try, but I feel like I need a larger block of time to attempt it…..maybe this weekend.

4 1/4
4 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ Arches 140# CP

Anyway, I’m enjoying the journey! One thing I will say is that Arches 140-lb. cold pressed paper (I’ve not tried the 300 lb. yet) makes the road a LOT smoother and more manageable for this beginner.   I feel like “allowing” myself to paint on good paper really accelerated my progress to the point that it was well worth the cost.   (There are real bargains to be had at Blick.)    We’re worth it! (I’m thinking of that old L’oreal commercial….)  Colors brought to you by M. Graham:  quin rose, cad yellow, alizarin crimson, perm. green, phthalo blue; bit of wn rose madder

I also think that working without a fixed end result in mind really helps with watercolor. I’ve learned to expect happy accidents and twists in the road, instead of being surprised or put off by them.  I think that painting every day is helping my confidence so that when those twists and turns come, I have a better idea how to manage them.    I’ve also learned to really be happy with what the paint decides to do on its own (it’s often much better than whatever I had planned anyhow).    The best part is that I may love watercolor painting now, halfway through my July “challenge” month of painting every day, more than I ever did before.   A nice bonus.   And that’s the last of my pre-torn small pieces of paper!

What’s that Rod Stewart song from the early 90s?   I’m thinking of the line:  “Where the ocean meets the sky, I’ll be sailing….”   Happy Friday Eve, fair skies and refreshing cool breezes to all. Peace.