B (plan B): Boat Bombed

Watercolor really is zen. Why, you ask? I’m learning to make friends with Plan B.


This was supposed to be a boat painting. Aaahhh……plan B…a nice peaceful, boatless scene. It’s about 2.5″ by 5″.   Cobalt blue, winsor red and azo yellow.  Bit of ultramarine blue too.   I kinda like the sky. And the sun is dancing on the water. Purple water! Purple paint puddles! These are all good things.

I wish you a good Tuesday, lots of big belly breaths….and may you be happy with your Plan B.   Peace.

Draw a Bird Day reminder: Friday, May 8!


Thanks to A-Wing and A-Way letting so many of us know about Draw A Bird Day on April 8, many of us had fun drawing or painting birds on April 8.  Some drew a bird for the first time, and found it be lots of fun!  However, many people weren’t aware of the holiday until it was too late.  So, some of us decided it might be fun to make this a monthly event!   I also want to thank Squirrel Writer for helping to spread the word!

For my friends who may not be comfortable with drawing:  Do not let this sideline you, if you are interested in participating!  Anything goes:  Photographs, stories or poems about a bird, a little sculpture, a nature collage, you are only limited by your imagination.  I think what we’re trying to do here is open the cage door and let the birdies fly.  That’s us!  We all have wings, and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to open them.  Let the spirit move you as it will.

Friday, May 8 is a week from today, and I hope we can all make WordPress fly to celebrate our wing-ed friends.