Sketchbook transformed!

sketch after 03072015 Last night, I decided it was high time to un-vanilla-ify my sketchbook.  It was glumly sitting about in a plain brown wrapper, something like this: before 03072015

all sad and blue….so I gave it an inktense border, a midnight blue fabric sky and a full moon with which to play.   Oh, and my signature seagull to make it complete!  Seagulls don’t fly at night, you say?  This one does!  It has magical powerssss, precioussss. What do you all think?  Although I like it, I feel it may lack a bit of punch and pizzazz, you know, the stuff you have in your head when you’re not worn out at the end of a long day and breathing Mod Podge fumes half the night.  🙂   This is my first (feeble) attempt at collage, and I know many of you out there are way better at this than I am, so fire away!  Tell me what it needs. And then we shall dance and sing, for today is Saturday and it is time to PLAY!  Dust off that sketchbook and try something new.   You’ll never get there if you don’t pick up a pencil (paintbrush, pen, whatever) and just DO it.  *flings arty goodness and joy*

Inspired by Indigo

zen WC 03052015

I took another break from portraits to answer the call of the Inktense pencil.  It’s a call I can’t deny for long!  They are a joy to work with.   I sooo enjoyed doing this little watercolor card.  It was just what I needed at the end of a long day working with numbers.  I used lots of other media too:  Polychromos colored pencils, Tim Holtz Distress Stains, and Portfolio water soluble oil crayons, a little tissue paper, and of course the paper on top.  I will really enjoy doing more little projects like this, especially while work is so demanding.  I kept adding more color and more color because it was so much fun.  I plan to work on another one tonight.

I should have taken the photo in daylight.  It’s looking like it has a pink tinge on the screen right now, and hopefully that’s just because of the lightbulb in my face, as I’m a little bit late getting this posted.  🙂  We are due for another 6-10″ of snow tomorrow, but once the weekend comes, the forecast is for 40s and 50s, so we are all looking forward to that!  Thank God tomorrow’s Friday!  I hope you get some art time in today.  See you for the Friday dance tomorrow.