Working Larger (Acrylic August)

This is mixed media on 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper. Yes, 11 x 14″, the largest I’ve gone yet!    I had some angst in my spirit, and so I folded a large sheet of watercolor paper in half both ways so I could swing my arm and fling some paint.   I’m working around the color wheel.    And having lots of fun!

080716Materials used:

I hope you enjoyed, as there will be more to come!    I originally created this to go into a collage or other mixed media application, but when I was finished……oh, who knows, maybe I’m not finished.   Not sure if I should call this a painting or cut it up for something else.   I’d love to get your thoughts.   Peace and happy Sunday to you!

May Madness Day 3: Exuberance!

More fun with a 5 x 5″ Gessobord by Ampersand, and acrylic paints by Golden.   This is what happiness looks like in my little corner of the world right now!


Colors used: quinacridone red, quinacridone magenta, hansa yellow light, quinacridone nickel azo yellow

Have I mentioned I love quinacridones… any medium?    This one started out as another “window” painting, and went awry. I was getting discouraged, rubbed at a section with a wet paper towel, and quickly got right back down to the surface.    Then I remembered they’re designed to do that!    (You have to protect the surface with a fixative when finished.)  So I decided to run the whole thing under the sink faucet! Didn’t take too long and most of the old painting was gone. There was just enough left to give me a bit of underlying structure for this new one.

I started by getting the surface damp, then added some fluid acrylics and high flow paint (which are even thinner than the fluid acrylics, but still lusciously, densely pigmented). It was flowing well, and I liked the way it was developing, so I added more with the tip of my brush here and there to punch up the contrast and steer it a bit – but not too much, as I didn’t want any obvious brushstrokes to show.   Purple and yellow are my favorite colors in the world, but I didn’t want them to get too friendly and make mud, so I had to be a bit careful.   I sprayed the painting with a fine mister of plain water here and there and let the paint do its own thing.   At times while drying, I propped it up very slightly to pool areas of the painting in one direction or the other. That’s pretty much it! Sometimes the work I enjoy best comes from a place where it’s very organic and the medium does most of the work.   When it’s working like that, I just get out of the way as much as I can.

An artist whose books and DVDs I can highly recommend is Chris Cozen.   If you’re interested in painting with acrylics, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything she wrote or co-wrote.   “Acrylic Color Explorations” and “Acrylic Solutions” are two of my current favorites.   She is widely available in my local libraries, but I’ve purchased a couple of her books, and would definitely consider buying others.   They are very hands-on, and will get you experimenting and enjoying yourself quickly.   Her DVD lessons are all over Artist Network TV as well.   She is so inspirational.   I have seen them all, and pick up something new every time I re-watch.   She has a background in education, and it shows.   She is a wonderful communicator, and you’ll wanna run for your paint tubes every time you read her books or watch her lessons!

I hope you have a wonderful spring (or autumn) Tuesday, and that the paint, pencils, pigments, pen, whatever you love most gets to come out and play.  You deserve it.   We are creators and we are on the move!  Peace.

Reflections (Reprise, on wrapped canvas)

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend. I wanted to share with you the cotton canvas version of an earlier post, “Reflections”, which was done on canvas paper. This one is acrylic on 4 x 6″ wrapped cotton canvas.


For the month of May, I’m planning to join my very talented and versatile artist friend Margaret Parker Brown at Yuba Gold in posting a painting every day.   Not sure if time will allow each day, may have to set an alarm for 5:30 each morning to make this happen!   Looking forward to the challenge.   My goal for this month is to work larger, and to eventually paint something realistic in acrylics.   We’ll see what happens.  Peace & paint puddles to people from pole to pole!

Happy (Belated) Draw a Bird Day!

It’s been one year since Michael over at A-Wing and A-Way let us know that there really IS a Draw a Bird Day celebration every year on April 8…..and we’ve been celebrating our wing-ed friends on the eighth of every month since!    Thanks for enlightening us, Michael!   It is so very cool to have a holiday just for drawing birds.   I want to thank Kathy over at Backyard Bird Nerd once again for a tremendously crisp image of a red-winged blackbird for this go-round.   Loved them all, and so hard to choose every time from so many wonderful images, Kathy.   This is my very loose interpretation, lol.


Busy season is keeping me…..busier than normal this year, and so I didn’t have time to create what I call “postable” art on April 8.   So I made a slapdash attempt today, instead!    I want to thank my friends Nina and Kerfe over at Method Two Madness for helping us keep WP flying this month, and hosting the April annual/monthly DABD celebration!

I hate to post on the fly, but my birds are playing the field today and I have to catch ’em while I can!    I hope to catch up with all of you soon.   (Yes, I will need real wings for that!)   Tweet tweet to all!

Turn Tuesday on its Head!

Or turn yesterday’s painting on its head.


I added soft chalk pastel to yesterday’s painting and then I went too far with it. Luckily though, I took a picture beforehand. Now I’m thinking I may abandon this one OR I may add texture paste and acrylic OR I may add plain old acrylic. Wherever the wind doth blow and Father Time alloweth!

Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone is having a smashing week!

Rainy Mondays…

…don’t have to be grey when you have art in your day! Flinging joy to all of you in cyberspace this morning!


This was done in Neocolor II, and I’m not sure whether to leave it as is, or go over it with acrylics and/or soft pastels.   Maybe even colored pencil would be cool.  I’d love your thoughts!

Happy Arty Monday to all, and have a wonderful week! 🙂 Peace.

Acrylic on Plywood

I’ve been picking through Hub’s scrap bucket in the wood shop again. It’s loads of fun.   If you imagine something in this painting, I’d love to hear about it.


I coated this scrap of plywood in matte Mod Podge and then went in with the Liquitex Basics acrylics, just playing with some of the warmer shades of colors. I don’t have any good acrylic brushes yet, just playing with some old softies my daughter left behind when she moved. Having lots of fun with this new medium!   And she’s coming to visit this weekend.   Can’t wait!

Thank God it’s Friday, right? Enjoy the springy weather! Loving the daffodils in bloom, the crocuses……what a wonderful time of year. Peace.