Day 8: Leaves a-plenty! (30 Day Leaf Challenge)

I’ve always loved fall, but I think this one is even more cool now that I’m focused on making leaf art just about every day. 🙂


The top one I drew, then painted, but the bottom leaf I traced, then painted. It was curling a lot and I decided to hold it down and trace it. I do enjoy drawing though, so I probably won’t do that again. It was cool to try, though.   Both in my art journal with my Cotman palette.

Warming up for the Friday Fall Festival of Frankfurters? hehe. Nothing better. Peace.

Day 3: Don’t Leaf yet, I just got started!

lol…..oh, it’s been a long day hehe

Here is Day 3 of BB’s 30 Day Leaf Challenge. I hope to find more interesting leaves for the future, with more cool colors as fall blooms before our eyes.

0918Neocolor II + ink on top and Cotman travel watercolor palette + ink below.   I’m going to try and find some reddish or yellowish leaves……not really seeing any yet.   I probably need to open my eyes more.   We could all notice the things in front of us a little more.    Art is a wonderful blessing that way.   I hope to roll out a small art quilt for you this weekend.   It’s coming together!

Peace and piles of leaves to jump in to you!   And Happy Friday!   😀

30 Days of Leaves (Day 2)!

I am loving studying and drawing/painting fall leaves. I can’t wait for the amazing rich colors; it’ll make this challenge that much more fun! I want to thank BB for issuing this challenge!


I almost didn’t post this one, because in both cases, my initial ink sketches were a bit wonky and couldn’t be erased. But I decided to go ahead! Having a great time with this!   Once again, the top painting is ink and Neocolor II crayons, and the bottom is ink and my travel Cotman watercolor palette followed by another layer with my traditional (mostly M. Graham) watercolor palette.  Such rich, juicy colors in the M. Graham spectrum!

Karen at Lincs in Stitches is joining in as well, and I’m so inspired by her paintings AND fabric creations. Wow, so much talent here at WordPress!   Speaking of talent, I haven’t forgot about the September Draw A Bird Day recap – I hope to compile that list and post it tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful almost-Autumn Thursday. Can’t wait for those red maple leaves! Peace.