My First 8 x 10″ ! (For D)

My sister (the artist) was in town from Florida….and just like a whirlwind, she is headed back home.


We each started a painting while she was here. She would like me to finish hers, and I will post the before and after once I have a good feeling for her artistic vision for her piece. Wanted to share mine with you today. And I just want to say……Florida, why you have to be so far away?

It was nice to see them and my girl came home too, so yay! It does kinda make you long for the day when extended families all lived together, though, huh?    This is my largest acrylic ever, on an 8 x 10″ stretched canvas.    I really enjoyed it, and I’m glad there are more where this one came from!    Maybe I really can work large!    Who knew?!   I need a title for this, any thoughts?    Also, I have a new favorite color.   Quinacridone burnt orange.    I hope it exists in watercolor too!

Peace to all of you fine people. Enjoy your Sunday and hug somebody tight, for me and for D.   ❤

Phone Call Doodle in Watercolor: May Madness Day 17

Sometimes life happens, the day (and then the night) gets away from you, you wind up on the phone…..and yet…..still haven’t got that painting ready. This was one of those days.


This is another of those 4×4″ Aquabord squares. I’m going to use this one as an experiment to see if I can rinse it off and begin again a whole day later. Will I still be able to rinse back to the white surface? Or will quinacridone magenta and cobalt & ultramarine blue have left their calling cards forever engraved in the board? Tune in tomorrow and see!

Wasn’t that fun?! Aren’t you glad you stopped by today? Well, I am glad you stopped by. I hope you have a wonderful spring Tuesday. Enjoy your paint, pencils, paper, whatever the art fairy left in your supply box! Peace.

True Confessions: (May Madness Day 14)

Yesterday, I promised to reveal a secret about the oranges, the Doodlewash dinner painting that I posted earlier this week.   Here it is:  I didn’t paint it!   My daughter painted it in oils in her senior year of high school during a 30-minute painting exercise.   She had a great teacher the first three years of high school, but during her senior (final) year, not so much.    The instructor did a great job of teaching the mechanics, but she was quite demoralizing, and highly critical of her students’ work.    This affected my daughter’s choice of major in college, and it took her an extra year to find her way back to art and design.


All of my friends here give such generous feedback, and I wanted her to have a chance to see those comments on one of her paintings.   I did not want you to be swayed in any way by knowing it was her work.    So, I want to thank you most sincerely for your enthusiastic support.  She very much appreciated all of your comments, as do I.   I also want to thank the truly great teaching professionals out there.  There are so many of you who give so generously of your time and talent, putting your heart and soul into the classroom every day.    The value of a good teacher can not IMO be overestimated!

My question for you on this painting (4×6″ on cotton stretched, wrapped canvas) is:  Should I paint over it?   I feel like I beat it to death.   It started out as one thing and became something else, which is usually a good sign, in my experience.   However, I think I should have stopped a long time before I actually did.     Your thoughts and constructive criticism are most welcome!    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

All We Need is Love (and Art!): May Madness Day 12

Our daughter surprised us on Mother’s Day with a visit! Since love was especially on my mind that day, this painting somehow bubbled up. It was my first experiment using Ampersand Aquabord as a surface.

051216 1

Aquabord is supposed to be good for any type of water media, particularly watercolor. You can easily scrape back to the surface, or rinse off the painting under the sink to get (most of) the white surface back. (I rinsed many times, hehe.) I’m not sold on the surface, but I guess it wasn’t bad for a first try, huh? Was fun to try this surface with acrylics.

The end of the week is waving a hand at us, ushering us in to the weekend! I hope everyone enjoys a lovely spring (or fall) day today. Peace.

Doodlewash Dinner: May Madness Day 9

I realize it’s a little unorthodox to bring oranges to dinner, but it’s a Doodlewash dinner, after all, and I never claimed to be orthodox hehe. Hey, it’s gluten free, corn free and GMO free, and that’s about all that matters! I hope you enjoy.   This one is 5 x 7″ on a canvas panel.


The very talented Charlie at Doodlewash is painting food items all month, and if you’d like to join him, just tag your artwork #doodlewashdinner and he will do a recap of everyone’s entries at the end of the month!   Try not to visit when you’re hungry, as sometimes I’m tempted to lick the screen after viewing Charlie’s wonderful work!

Like Charlie, I am really enjoying making a small painting every day.   It is good for the soul.   We were born to be creators, so please, create away!    And don’t forget to shake thy tailfeather while doing it!    Peace.

Happy Birthday, My Love! (#50): 100 Face Challenge

I want to celebrate one of the loves of my life today, and send Happy Birthday wishes down south to my sweet girl.


Can’t wait to see you, my love! Keep making us proud! Your dad and I love you so much! Looking forward to giving you a big squeeze!

Today is Selfie Day, thanks to Teresa at One Good Thing. I can’t do a self-portrait to save my soul, and my girl is my husband made over….but she’s half me, after all, and way better looking!

Happy Thursday to all, and give someone special a big hug and kiss today. Let’s keep the love flowing. Peace.

Contented Dog (#35): 100 Face Challenge

When I saw this photo of my friend Jodi’s dog at Life in Between…do I have to finish this sentence? How could anyone resist this face?!

Charlie: MM journal, 2B graphite

There is nothing sweeter than the eyes of a dog. A challenging, foreshortened view that I’m still working on rendering just right, but every single time, such a joy to try and capture. Thank you, Jodi, for sharing your lovely photos. And thank you, Charlie, my partner in crime!   You both inspire me.

Saturdays are inspiring too! Beef stew will bubble in the crockpot, some kind of cool gluten-free chocolate chunk bars will be baking in the oven…..and then let the weekend dance continue with color galore! Happy almost February…..peace.

Backyard Bird Nerd Bluebird (#31): 100 Face Challenge

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been struck by Kathy’s photos at Backyard Bird Nerd. She recently posted a series of bluebird photos that begged to be sketched. If you are interested in birds at all, you owe it to yourself to check out her site.


My Polychromos colored pencils once again helped me out with this little sketch in my Strathmore mixed media art journal. I may just have to make time tonight to sketch the whole bunch! I just love bluebirds, and Kathy captures them from every angle. Sometimes they look so disgruntled, which always makes me laugh. Thanks again, Kathy! You are a huge blessing to us all!

Stay tuned for another famous face tomorrow. Not an American and not a sports figure! Woo hoo! 😀 I just hope I can resurrect it…….we shall see if the portrait gods are with me! Peace.

Cat Saves Man (prelim) -#27 & #28: 100 Face Challenge

I’ve not got far into this book, but I know it’s a keeper.   Here’s the Amazon link – it’s called “A Street Cat Named Bob And How He Saved My Life” by James Bowen.


While watching TV last night, I was sketching faces in front of me the whole time.   (It’s a great way to practice, if you’re into faces.)  Time for bed, and I happened to see this book cover…and I just had to do a quick preliminary sketch, to see if I could capture their essence.   For a quick sketch, I was happy with it.   I’m happier with the man’s face than the cat’s, but I’d like to revisit this image and try and do it some justice.    Don’t they look like a wonderful pair?   Apparently, the man was a heroin addict, and this cat wouldn’t leave him alone.   He wound up turning the man’s life around.   I just love stories like that!

Enjoy your Saturday.   I may be dancing with a ski mask and gloves on today, but I’ll be dancing!   Stay warm and keep those pencils and brushes moving!  🙂