Flowery Friday! (May Madness Day 13)

I am head over heels in love with yellows and mauves and violets. Just having fun, playing with color. This painting every day thing is kind of addictive, and I may continue through June! Who’s with me?   This was done in acrylic on 4 x 6″ stretched and wrapped cotton canvas:


For more daily paintings, check out my friends’ blogs: Margaret Parker Brown and Debi Riley are painting daily this month too, and having a good time.   Stephen J. Quirke is painting every day in 2016 as well, and  Charlie at Doodlewash has been painting daily (I believe) for as long as he’s been blogging, which is getting close to a year now, I think!   These people are all talented artists and worth checking out!  If you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right corner of WordPress!

This weekend, I’ll post a roundup of all of the wonderful bird art that we all posted for the May issue of Draw a Bird Day….and stay tuned for a mysterious secret about the painting of the oranges (the Doodlewash dinner!) that posted on Monday.   Bonus points if you guess!    Peace and Happy Friday to all!

Abstract-ish Calla

Beth of Smiling to Life / BetulaWorldpress shares the most amazing images on a daily basis, and her work always inspires me. She graciously gave me permission to try and render one of her beautiful photos, which can be found at this link.   Her work is also for sale at this link, and I encourage you to visit her shop.   You’re sure to find something beautiful every single time.   Her florals in particular always move me, and sometimes I’m able to get a sense of them on the page.   Neocolors to the rescue once again!


The next two weeks are probably my busiest in the whole year, so I may be posting sporadically for awhile.   Hoping to catch up with all of you soon.   It’s Friday!   Are we dancing?   You bet!   Tailfeathers all a-twitch over here.  Peace.

Reaching for the Sun

Feeling like more warm colors on this blustery Valentine’s Day. This was brought to you by Inktense blocks, Neocolor II water-soluble crayons, and Liquitex soft body acrylic paint (just a touch).


I’m hoping to create a collage with this later. Also experimented with a Valentine’s gift from Hub, which is the Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay inks. Woo, talk about saturated color! A little goes a loooooooong way. Will be cutting up both paintings and making a little who knows what! Having some mixed media fun this weekend.

I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is staying warm and that everyone else is staying cool and….Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 😀

Painted Circles (and MM scraps)

I was experimenting with a technique I found on YouTube called painted circles.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with it, but I do think it has promise for another time.   When I was finished, I glued it into my humble Canson sketchbook and called it a night.


This is the result.   It’s acrylic paint, Neocolor II crayons, a torn book page (I hate to tear books, but this one was reallllly bad, so it was actually gratifying)….and that’s about it.    There’s some scraps from the painting I just cut up in there too. I’ve been in a “play with color” place lately, but I’ll be picking up my faces challenge again soon!

Enjoy your Tuesday. I hope you find time to play today. It’s good for you. Peace.

Playful Color

Now that our friend Jonas has packed up and moved on, and the sun shines once again, I just felt the need to have a play with some color!   Let the sunshine in!


This is Inktense blocks and Neocolor II crayons, with a little help from a white Gelly pen in my 9×12″ Strathmore mixed media journal.  I’d be very curious what Jill of Jill’s Art Journal and Lin at Breathing Space would do with something like this.    They are wonderful mixed media artists.    Maybe I need to just sit on it awhile?   I’m tempted to add large-ish circles.  In white.   I don’t know.   Would love to know what you all think.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.   The week is flying by!    Happy Friday eve, everyone…….I hope to roll out a raptor for tomorrow.   🙂

Draw A Bird Day, October *cue the howl*!

The other day, I spotted a beautiful little bird on our deck neither of us has seen before. I saw him several times throughout the day, and then by the following day, he was gone. Found him in our trusty Audobon field guide and it turns out he was an Eastern Phoebe, migrating south. So of course, I had to draw him for this month’s birdie celebration!


Time has been short of late, so I sketched him pretty quickly with a couple of Polychromos colored pencils and then added a bit of a hasty background with my Cotman travel palette.    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the terrific artwork from the many artists who join together on the eighth of each month to celebrate our freedom-loving feathered friends.    Find out more about the official Draw A Bird Day holiday from A-Wing and A-Way at this link.

I’m taking a creative blogging break for a little while beginning this weekend, but I look forward to making a wrap-up post with links to everyone’s artwork when I re-enter the blogosphere!    Happy peeps and chirps to all today!   Peace.

Top of the Quilt II – Welcome, Autumn!

After making my first little patchwork art quilt with a jazzy, crazy color scheme, I decided to see what would happen if I took the same techniques to more subdued fall fabrics and colors.


I’d like to know what you all think of the wonk-tastic shapes and lines with the more refined textures and colors of autumn. This is just the top, so it will look different once the hand-quilting has been done.   It’s about 11 3/4″ high by 11″ wide.   Almost a square this time.

For my next little quilt, it’s back to the beach, but this time with more subdued blues and greens, I think. We’ll see where the muse takes me. I hope this weekend brings you time to create, time to breathe in the fall scents, and time to spend with those you love most! Peace.

Top of the Quilt (and the Morning!) to You

Here is the little art quilt I’ve been working on lately. This one is 9 3/4″ by 11 3/4″. I would love to get your knee-jerk reaction to this. Don’t be shy if you don’t like it, but if you could tell me what it is you don’t like, that’d be most helpful.   Or tell me what you do like, even better, lol!  😀


I have not “faced” it yet (added the trim that will bind it with the backing and batting to make the quilt sandwich), or quilted it together. I’ll be adding whimsical buttons and some handmade beads to the top and doing some fun hand quilting to finish it off. I see it in a funky beach house. How about you?

The next one I’m planning will have warm fall colors, with more subdued fabrics. But I really love the free-form feeling I get from this, both as a viewer and as the creator. I was inspired by Rayna Gillman’s book, “Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts”, which I highly recommend!

Happy Autumn Tuesday to my northern hemisphere friends today!   Peace.

Quick Roses

Just another quick one from my art journal. We had a couple of new little buds, one each on the red and pink bushes. So I decided to sketch them both in ink and go back in with my Cotman watercolor travel palette.


The other rose was my warm-up in Inktense pencil with a bit of watercolor paint added later. That ink definition adds so much!

Happy Thursday to all…..Anyone else looking forward to some fall-like temps?   Can’t wait. Peace.