Quick Flight

While doing something else the other night, the images of a couple of birds popped in my head, so I grabbed something and sketched them quickly.

0710 sketch

And I decided to bring this idea into a painting last night. Here’s the first layer of the first attempt:

0710 bird 1 stage 1

And then I think I might have added too much detail in the second (final) layer, not sure.   Felt like I lost some of the transparency that seemed fitting to the subject:

0710 bird 1 final

So I gave it another try with basically only one layer, just adding a teeny bit of definition in layer two. This is the final of that second painting:

0710 bird 2

I feel the wings in the first painting have more transparency and freedom inside them.  But I may try this again and see what happens!    I’m thinking maybe Inktense next time out.   Fly, be free, birdies, it’s Friday! Oh, we shall twist and shout like we mean it! 😀