I tried to paint it.   With Inktense blocks and pencils!  My favorites!

0626 1

It didn’t work so well.   But at least I took pictures before I totally wrecked it!   All’s well that ends well, I guess.   There’s also acrylic paint and gesso in there somewhere.   I’ll save you the third stage photo, where it all went awry.  hehe.

0626 2

Happy Friday to All, and to All an Arty Weekend!  Peace.

Vivacious Violet

Attempt #2 at mixed media art, this time on a small canvas. And with molding paste!

First was just a few colors of acrylic paint (bought at the same time as the original watercolor set, the $7 one from Wal-Mart, nothing fancy) smeared on the canvas

0522 1

Next, I added some white paint to tone it down a bit, trying to even out the lights and darks…

0522 2

Here, I added some molding paste through a stencil along with a couple of pieces of yellow fabric that I had dyed with one of my experiments around Easter.   Seemed to give it some needed spark, but the blue felt too blue to me.   Or the wrong shade of blue.  So I went in and touched that up with a very small brush and some violet acrylic.

0522 3

After purpling the blue at the bottom a bit, and adding a few dots to try and lead the eye around, and unify the piece a bit more, I was about to call it quits, at least for the night, just to see how it looked (and felt) after drying, since I’ve never worked with molding paste…

0522 4

and then I realized there were a few gobs of white acrylic paint left on my palette!  So, added a few more dots, this time in white, which I feel improved it a bit more…


Then I decided to let it dry for the night.

Now the question:  is it finished, or should I add more layer(s)?  Maybe I should let the painting tell me in the morning.  I’m curious what my artist friends would do.  I may just hang this in my “studio”, which is my daughter’s old room, now the library/craft room AKA sleeping cave, because it’s the quietest room in the house.   So much of A’s artwork is down there, it really gives the room an art-infused (and A-infused!) feeling, which is special.  So this might just go down there and join her artwork.  Or is it unfinished?  What do you all think?

Well, today is the day we’ve been waiting for!  I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Peace and blessings to all.  ❤

Unrestricted, Uncaged

0521 1

Well, here is my first attempt at a layered, mixed media art journal page.   It was lots of fun.  I started with a few shades of Portfolio water soluble crayon, which I liquified with a stiff brush…

0521 2

Then mixed gesso with a couple of shades of acrylic craft paint and spread that on with a coarse brush…..and ran Hub’s old comb through it…..This was lots of fun.

0521 3

Then added splurts of watercolor tube paint (this is from the first set I bought at Wal-Mart for like $7….I’m putting that paint to good use!  😀    So, mixed that in a bit, trying to get a balance of light and dark values…..then took some lace and gessoed through that……still feeling like a first-grader in art class (so like, yeah, rock star cool…because we all feel like rock star artists in elementary school, and we all need to reclaim that, right?)……

0521 4

You know those end of the day, headache, kinda tired after work type of days? Yeah, those.

0521 5

This is good medicine for that.   My Strathmore visual journal with 100# drawing paper did wonderfully with this.  I am thrilled with that journal!    I also want to thank grandmalin and Jill at Jill’s Art Journal for inspiring my first mixed media art journal page!   Please check out their sites; they will both inspire the heck outta you.

Happy Friday Eve!  Dance like no one’s watching today.   Have FUN and make something special, just for you.    Peace & good, high-flying wings to you!

Draw a Bird Day reminder: Friday, May 8!


Thanks to A-Wing and A-Way letting so many of us know about Draw A Bird Day on April 8, many of us had fun drawing or painting birds on April 8.  Some drew a bird for the first time, and found it be lots of fun!  However, many people weren’t aware of the holiday until it was too late.  So, some of us decided it might be fun to make this a monthly event!   I also want to thank Squirrel Writer for helping to spread the word!

For my friends who may not be comfortable with drawing:  Do not let this sideline you, if you are interested in participating!  Anything goes:  Photographs, stories or poems about a bird, a little sculpture, a nature collage, you are only limited by your imagination.  I think what we’re trying to do here is open the cage door and let the birdies fly.  That’s us!  We all have wings, and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to open them.  Let the spirit move you as it will.

Friday, May 8 is a week from today, and I hope we can all make WordPress fly to celebrate our wing-ed friends.

Yellow Yonder

Here comes yet another end of the day unwind…..I hope it brightens your Friday dance routines today!


But let’s face it….um, the weekend’s almost here, do we need further brightening?!  

I enjoyed putting this painting together with the help of Tombow markers, Portfolio pastels, Inktense pencils, Lumiere metallic acrylics….and a dusting of dollar-store golden eyeshadow for a bit of extra glimmer.  

It was a glorious 70 degrees yesterday, and so wonderful to have a few minutes away from the desk to enjoy it. Spring has finally arrived here, and I hope it’s alive and blooming where you are, too.   See you Saturday!

*Dancing off into a yellow sunrise*

Vivacious Violet (with Yellow’s Complements)


Art is so much fun. I’m working toward eventually making art quilts (for fun and profit), and toward that end, I decided to cut out a piece of organic quilt batting, and try out a bunch of mediums on it to see how they fly with the fabric. I didn’t expect the finished product to be postable, but I’m actually quite happy with the result.  So, here it is! 

 If you’re not into art supplies, you might wanna skip this section.  But for some of you who work with fabric, or might like to, I wanted to tell you what you’re looking at.  Clockwise from lower left: 

 1) Inktense pencils (painted from pencil tip to fabric with wet brush) in colors 610, 710, 720; 

 2) Inktense blocks, same colors as the pencils, top left corner and side (first one in upper left I got it wet and slapped it right on the fabric.  Oops!  A bit too inktense, so the other two colors I painted off the sticks with a wet brush; was still more intense than the pencils, which you’d expect); there’s also a gold Inktense block in the center/left (color 0250); 

 3) Tombow markers in top right corner (bright palette, the purples – don’t they look cool?  I thought they translated to fabric really well) 

 4) Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels in violet, yellow, and yellow-orange, taking up most of the lower R quadrant, except the very corner.  This was the biggest, happiest surprise of all.  The crayons themselves don’t look vibrant at all, but they really got jazzy and happy when I dipped them in water and drew right onto the fabric with them! 

 5) Bottom right is (I think, it was sitting around in a palette) cadmium yellow tube watercolor paint, which also translated very nicely to fabric, much better than I thought.  I’ve never tried painting watercolor on fabric before. 

6) Then, I went around the border with some gold Lumiere metallic acrylic, cut with water by about half. 

 7) Oops, almost forgot:  I went over the Inktense pencil on the lower left with Lumiere lavender metallic acrylic.  I took a picture of this in the sun, just so you could see the shimmer there, but it didn’t translate to the photo or screen that well.  It’s a very cool, very slight shimmer in that whole bottom left-hand corner.  In bright light, it looks awash with gold dust.  But only in bright light!  So it doesn’t leap out at you all the time.  This, I like. 

 What I learned:

  • I expected lots of stiffness.  Nope.  Soft, soft, soft!  Almost gloriously soft.  Probably the roughest sections are wherever there is metallic acrylic, but it sits on top of the batting, so the fabric itself isn’t at all stiff, and the top (just in those areas) feels like you’re touching someone with pretty dry skin.  All in all, not bad!
  • I expected the Inktense to be really bright and vibrant.  I did use some water with them, probably more than maybe some would use.  My batting wasn’t dripping wet at the end, but it was uniformly damp and needed time to dry.   I’m sure if I’d have used less water, my color would’ve popped more, but maybe more than I’d have liked.  Still, if that’s the look you’re going for, you can probably get that with the Inktense pencils, and the blocks are definitely stronger, and will make a major impact, if you want that.
  • I’ve not tried wetting the batting to see how permanent the Inktense and pastels are.  I believe acrylic paint is permanent on fabric, so I wouldn’t even need to test that.   This is just supposed to be a test swatch, but I really like it, and so I’m not in any hurry to try and scrub it and risk messing it up.  I’m thinking this will eventually be cut up and will wind up going into embellishments on the quilts.  Also, not sure if regular watercolor paint will wash out of fabric once it dries?  I assume it would, but maybe staining pigments wouldn’t fully wash out?  Not sure.
  • If I put something on the fabric and thought it was too bright, I just thinned it with water.  This worked straight across the board with the exception of the water-soluble oil pastels.  And I’m sure if I’d have really worked at those, I could’ve tamed those colors a bit.  But I really loved them!  They were my favorite part of the piece (and the biggest surprise, because I almost didn’t use them at all)!

It may just be me, but every time I look at this, I see those gorgeous violet and yellow violas that come out at this time of year.   I just love purple and yellow together, and those Portfolio pastels are so inexpensive that I think I’ll really be enjoying using this medium most when I want a really strong color statement. 

 Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing another mixed media fabric experiment to celebrate spring!  Playing with art supplies is so much fun!   Sometimes the less you know, the better; the surprises never stop!   Have a great Tuesday, and don’t forget to spread some joy around.  Peace.

Rise, Fair Sun!

03272015 Tombow markers (bright palette), and a hint of Lumiere (metallic acrylic) in Halo Pink Gold in the second shot. It’s a little hard to tell it’s there. Just a subtle difference.  It’s been fun, but the hour is late….I need some zzz’s.  lol.

0327 lum

I’m really enjoying the easy watercolor look that comes from using these markers. I could get hooked on this! So relaxing, effortless, and fun. I zenned out for an hour or two last night, experimenting.

Cue the dance! Happy Friday, everyone. I may even get most of my Saturday off this time. Looking forward to it!

PLEASE do not steal my paintings.   Artists work very hard to earn a living.   If you would like to use this image, please ask for my permission.    Simply add a comment here and we can discuss.   Thank You.

Petals on a Wash


I painted something similar about a month ago, but this time, I wanted to try it with watercolor paint (vs. watercolor pencils), and a completely different color scheme.  I don’t like it quite as much as the other one, but I think it’s about the colors more than anything else.  This is nice, but I liked the pink, orange and yellow a little better.  What do you think?  I did add a touch of Lumiere paint to this as well, for just a touch of shimmer.  Unless it’s in direct sunlight, you really can’t tell, but I think it’s a lovely touch.  And I really do like mixing acrylic with watercolor!  Let’s be bold artists, people!  🙂 

 I know one thing for sure:  I love flowers, and I really want to get better at drawing and painting them.  What better time than spring?  The purple crocuses have now joined the yellow ones outside, and it seems like a perfect chance to try out one of my favorite color combinations.  Maybe this weekend?  We’ll see what the workflow brings, and if time allows, I might give it a shot! 

 Happy Wednesday!  Give yourself a big hug, look in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are.  You deserve it!  See you on the morrow.