Draw a Bird Day reminder: Friday, May 8!


Thanks to A-Wing and A-Way letting so many of us know about Draw A Bird Day on April 8, many of us had fun drawing or painting birds on April 8.  Some drew a bird for the first time, and found it be lots of fun!  However, many people weren’t aware of the holiday until it was too late.  So, some of us decided it might be fun to make this a monthly event!   I also want to thank Squirrel Writer for helping to spread the word!

For my friends who may not be comfortable with drawing:  Do not let this sideline you, if you are interested in participating!  Anything goes:  Photographs, stories or poems about a bird, a little sculpture, a nature collage, you are only limited by your imagination.  I think what we’re trying to do here is open the cage door and let the birdies fly.  That’s us!  We all have wings, and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to open them.  Let the spirit move you as it will.

Friday, May 8 is a week from today, and I hope we can all make WordPress fly to celebrate our wing-ed friends.

Giddy goofiness

Yes, it seems I’ve officially lost my mind when I’m posting my weird doodles on the internet for the world to see! OK, if it makes someone laugh, it’s worth it. Here goes:

0411 1

It’s in a heart because I drew the heart in Micron pen and couldn’t erase it, but I didn’t like it (it was meant for a different post).  But I saved the paper, as it’s watercolor paper, and too expensive to toss!

0411 2

You may recognize the owl from my other doodle post.   I kind of like him.  I’ve tried to make him look a bit more scholarly here, but he really is just so happy to be an owl.  I guess if I were an owl, I’d have a bounce in my step, too!  Well, or in my…flight pattern?  lol

0411 3

Yeah, a bizarre chicken-rooster-ish thing with hearts on his tail feathers.  Don’t ask.  It’s April.  *shrug*  Spring fever?

0411 4

My sister keeps reminding me I used to do “cartoons” when I was younger.  This is the closest I ever came to doing “cartoons”.  These weird little martian creature things.  But hey, they’re easy to draw!  And I was all about the easy last night.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these goofy doodles.  I’m hoping this will be the last Saturday that I work in quite some time!  *clink* Let’s drink to that!  Ta Ta!  🙂

Oh look, it’s Owls!

0324 one

I’ve never tried colored pencil on regular printer paper before. It actually didn’t turn out too badly for a sketch, but toothy paper is better because it grabs more of the pigment and can hold more layers.

0324 two

I found two photos of little owls, and just did a couple of quick sketches.  I was too lazy to finish them.  So many feathers, so little time!  😀  I hope they make you smile today.

Happy Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll see you back here for a little watercolor experiment tomorrow.

Call this a Collage?

Hmm….OK, not sure what to call this. The definition of “collage” includes the phrase “work of art”, and I’ve seen soooo many gorgeous actual collages on blogs of my friends here on WordPress.  Not sure this falls into that category, or even close, but … as I always say, here goes nothing.


I’m kind of enjoying these late-night creativity bouts.   What’s even more fun is starting with no preconceived plan or idea and just…watching what emerges.  And then, because I’m me, trying to analyze it at the end to see where in the world I was going with it, lol.   I enjoyed using lots of different mediums, including Inktense watercolor pencils, Polychromos colored pencils, Micron and Pitt permanent art pens, good ol’ Mod Podge, and of course my goony imagination.

It was fun, though, I quite enjoyed it, and so I’ll be doing more of this kind of free-wheeling, wacky creative inventing for the next several weeks while the storm that is busy season gets cranking.  I can’t think of any better way for me to release the stress of the day, and turn it into something….if not beautiful, then at least cool and fun to look at.    I hope you enjoy it.  Have a beautiful spring weekend!  *cue the dance*

Try to Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is what happens when the portrait from the day before bombed, and at the end of a long day, you just wanna chill.

not really a sunset

Remember, I warned you not to be too enthused 🙂  Later that night, with some Tombow markers (the “bright” set, I really do love these.   Brush tip on one end, fine tip on the other.  Also, they’re water-soluble, if you’re looking for that.)

doodle  crop 031215

Yup, really just doodling.  It was fun, though.

doodle crop 3 031215

But wait!  There’s more!  I promise, no drinking was involved.  More like sleep deprivation, I guess.  For some reason, I’ve been thinking about owls lately.  Who knows?

doodle owl crop 031215

I almost didn’t add this, but oh well, there’s a tree behind there somewhere.

doodle tree 031215

And I really DO love Tombow pens.  🙂

Friday’s almost here, and Lady Spring is tapping on my windowpane.   The Boys of Summer are warming up, and God’s in his heaven.   Do we need any more reasons to twist and shout?    Nope.   Hasta mañana!

O is for Owl

owl for 02132015

https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/ came up with yet another terrific suggestion for the letter O. Some of you will remember the owl eye I drew for Eye is for Eyeball early in January.    (It’s here:  https://createarteveryday.com/2015/01/06/e-is-for-eyeball-and-what-a-photo-to-sketch/  )

Ever since drawing that eye, I’ve wanted to move on and draw more. An artist friend suggested I do the nose and the other eye next time, just to expand a bit on what I’d done before, and so I decided to go for it.

Switching to a four-legged friend for tomorrow’s post, and looking forward to catching up with you then.

E is for Eyeball…and what a photo to sketch!

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things.
I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable, beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.”     ~
Mary Oliver

I decided to draw eyes today, because eggs are boring and I couldn’t conjure up anything else for the letter E. 🙂

Inspired by Carmel at http://carmelcampbell.wordpress.com, I thought I’d try my own eye first, but I wasn’t happy with that one, so I shall try, try again another day.

I found a gorgeous horned owl (because who has a more interesting eye than an owl?), photographed by Sandy Scott.  You can find it at paint my photo, which is a terrific site for artists and photographers alike:



I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  Had to cover up the first sketch of my eye on the right there, sorry about that.


Here again, I could have spent all morning continuing this one out and just drawing the next layer of feathers, and the next, but alas, the office (not to mention the shower!) beckons.   What amazing creatures owls are.   Nature continually inspires me; I can’t look out my window or even run errands without wanting to draw something I’ve seen.

This was done with a walnut brown Polychromos colored pencil (by Faber-Castell – German engineering is real, people!) in my 3×5″ HandBook sketch book.  I have to once again highly recommend the Polychromos pencils for anyone even remotely interested in exploring that medium.  Once I pick one up and start drawing, I never want to stop.

Thanks for checking in with me today.  I’ve already found a gorgeous photo of a beautiful creature to draw for the letter F tomorrow. I can’t wait to try it! See you then!