Turn Tuesday on its Head!

Or turn yesterday’s painting on its head.


I added soft chalk pastel to yesterday’s painting and then I went too far with it. Luckily though, I took a picture beforehand. Now I’m thinking I may abandon this one OR I may add texture paste and acrylic OR I may add plain old acrylic. Wherever the wind doth blow and Father Time alloweth!

Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone is having a smashing week!

My creative goal for 2016: 100 faces!

Is anyone setting any creative resolutions for 2016? After a year of making art daily, I’ve learned that of all the subjects I’ve tried, I enjoy faces most. So I’m setting a goal to do 100 faces in ’16. For me, anything with eyes and a mouth counts as a face (yay, birdies included).   I’ve been sketching up a storm this past month, and really loving it.


On Christmas Eve, I sketched a friend’s dog with a Polychromos colored pencil from a photograph. Sheldon was a challenging subject (and darned cute, to boot)! He was also lots of fun, and his owner was really happy with the drawing, which was very cool. So far, I’m finding dogs easier to draw than cats, and not sure why, as I’ve had a cat pretty much all my life, and haven’t had a dog since I was ten (still miss sweet Tippy, though).

Anyway……here’s my first dog drawing from a year ago, and I do feel I’ve improved some since then, so…..we’ll see where this goes. I’ll be trying faces in pen, graphite, pastel pencils, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor crayons and other water soluble media…..but I’d like to eventually work up to painting animals in watercolor.    I’m also planning to experiment with toned paper to spice things up a bit.  We’ll see what the year brings! Would love to hear about your creative goals for 2016!

Abstract landscape

A quick mixed-media abstract landscape from last weekend out of my art journal. Brought to you by Inktense blocks, colored pencils (I think), watercolor paint and acrylic craft paint.


I’m reading a book that I’m hoping will help me to create more depth in my abstract work, working toward abstract realism.   “Abstract Art Painting:  Expressions in Mixed Media” by Debora Stewart was published earlier this year, and you can check out a preview of it at this link.   Debora is primarily a pastel painter, but I’m finding that her tips about how to pursue abstractions would apply to an artist working in any medium.

Happy Friday, and as always, thanks for your visits and comments.   Peace.

Draw a Bird Every Month?

I saw this post on A Wing and A Way and learned that April 8 is a very special holiday called Draw a Bird Day.   A bunch of us took part today, creating artwork in various media in which birds played starring roles.   It was fun! 



The best part is some of us picked up a pencil or a brush for the first time in awhile (or ever!), and found the joy in creating art.   It’s a magical thing, truly.  

What do you all think about doing this every month, on the eighth of the month?    Birds are such powerful symbols of freedom and peace, and even patriotism.     What better way for us all to take flight, to shake off those defeating beliefs and doubts that say we must have some kind of mythical gift to be able to put pencil to paper?    Let’s fly, people!

I’m in!    Anyone else?    Next Draw a Bird Day…..Friday, May 8th?