Autumn View: May Madness Day 11

What I’m loving about acrylic painting is that you can completely wreck something in every way: colors don’t jive, composition is all over the place and the texture products you tried so that a certain effect would happen sort of … didn’t. And yet! The surface has a new life, thanks to the power of covering it up and starting again!   This was painted on a 6×6″ piece of acrylic canvas paper.


Do my trees in every medium I’ve tried need lots of work? Sure. But in this case, its past life, and all of that texture and depth underneath this painting actually helped it seem like more of a completed work.   Perfect background?   Far from it.    But hey, it was resurrected from the trash!   So I am saying yay today, even though my trees still wanna leaf.

And so art, once again, is a metaphor for life:    We may have layers that aren’t perfect, or even pretty, but the lessons learned add layers of depth, understanding, warmth and compassion, making us more beautiful, even as the years go by.   I hope your Wednesday is wonderful and that you and your trees are dancing like they mean it! Peace.

Sweet Friends: 100 Face Challenge (#12&13)

Lately, I’ve been hunting for interesting nonfiction books about birds and domesticated animals. I recently picked up the book “Citizen Canine” at the library, and I couldn’t resist trying a sketch of the cover. I just love photos of cats and dogs together. Yes, we CAN all get along! 😀

011016Isn’t this the sweetest?   I’m liking the marriage of Polychromos colored pencil and the Strathmore mixed media journal, which has a nice tooth.    I’m finding it helpful at this point to focus on value, which is why I kept this one monochromatic.

I’m really enjoying this challenge, and I hope that when I reach 100 faces, I’ll feel encouraged enough to ramp up my goal and keep on going!    Happy Sunday!   Peace and arty inspiration to you *flinging joy*!

100 Face Challenge: Mallard Duck (#4)

The best thing about blogging on WordPress is that we’re all constantly surrounded with tons of inspiration coming at us from every direction. This post at Bay Photos by Donna recently caught my eye, and I just had to attempt to draw this mallard head.   It was a magnificent close-up head shot!   It was calling….um, quacking my name!!


I like the ink drawing ok, but this is a face that begs for watercolor.   Don’t you agree?   How could any painter resist the beautiful colors in his head? I ran out of time to paint today, but aiming for a more colorful version of this beautiful bird next time out.   Thank you, Donna, once again, for your wonderful and inspirational photos!

Happy Sunday! Do more of what makes you happy. The world will be a better place if you do! Peace.


Materials Used:

Superfine Pitt Artist pen in black

Strathmore Visual Journal – Mixed Media format

Silent Night

My husband made this nativity scene in his wood shop from a pattern many years ago.    My photography doesn’t do it justice, but for our family, displaying this in our front yard throughout the holiday season makes Christmas so much more special.


At night, it’s so dark and peaceful at the end of our street, and the simple figures make a beautiful impact.    It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it.   From our family to yours, we wish you some silent, peaceful contemplative moments in the middle of the holiday rush.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 to all!     Peace.

Need a Little Christmas?

….Right this very minute? Me too! I was inspired and encouraged by my friends Jodi & Charlie to get my Rudolph on today.

I’ve been painting and/or drawing every day, just haven’t been taking the time to blog about it, but I may be popping in here and there with some holiday cheer between now and the end of the year.


Do you have a favorite Christmas special that you’d like to see artified?   I’d love to hear about it.   Hope you all enjoy! Peace and please…..keep those paintbrushes and pencils purple and pointy!

Day 4: 30 Day Leaf Challenge

I did find a few brightly colored leaves in the yard, even though the trees are mostly green. They crisp (and curl) up pretty quickly once you bring them in. 🙂


I’m finding the vibrant yellows and reds a bit harder to translate to watercolor paint…..maybe if I used my full (Graham) palette, vs. the Cotman travel palette, I’d have better luck. But since I paint these at night in my lap while watching TV, the travel palette is much more convenient!

I hope you have time to enjoy the crisp air and some of the joys of (almost!) fall this Sunday. Peace.

Watercolor Paint Plus Neocolor II Crayons

…equals a good time, and vibrant color! This one started with watercolor pigment (mostly by M. Graham), then added some Neo II water soluble crayons (which I am falling harder and harder for every time I use them). Threw in a bit of a crooked horizon for good measure, and woo….here’s another mini-vacation. I hope you enjoy!   This was done on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper, which made adding some texture to the water very easy to do.


I am still working hard on that art quilt. The hardest and most time-consuming part of any quilt project for me is the many decisions to be made, since I work without a pattern. I had a vision in my mind, but didn’t want to cut up the image with too many seams, so I finally decided to take it in another direction…..and hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.  I probably started about five quilts in the meanwhile though, so I guess following this next one up with more won’t take as long 😉

Peace, and I hope you find some space to create a meaningful break for yourself today.